Recap: Rizzoli and Isles 5.03 Too Good to be True


by L.T. Milroy

This week’s Rizzoli & Isles drinking game: down a shot every time Susie shows up. Who?? Susie. She works in the Medical Examiner’s office with Maura. Maybe you’ve never noticed her, because she hasn’t been around much, and when she has, she’s been no more noticeable than the wallpaper.

Until this week, that is. Susie’s everywhere, yo! She’s in a bunch of scenes, and the regular characters act as if they deal with her all the time. That must have taken place off-camera. But Susie’s in the house, now, and it looks like she’s staying. It would be kind of weird if she didn’t show up again, after we’ve been all Susied-out this week, so I assume she’s sticking. Now, without further ado, this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles & Susie!

Two weeks ago in the season premier, the show opened with a woman getting shot while running in the park. This week, it’s a male runner meeting the same fate. He isn’t jogging, he’s fleeing from someone, but still.

Jane is at the gynecologist, ‘cause she’s pregnant, remember? How could we forget? Maura is there with her, of course. It hasn’t been stated, but I’m pretty sure Maura’s the father. She’s asking Jane lots of medical questions that the gyno will likely ask.

Screenshot (19)

Jane’s at a new doctor, because her regular one is too close to home, and she doesn’t want to run into anyone, particularly Casey’s mom. Huh?? That’s her main concern? Maura asks if Jane has second thoughts about not marrying Casey, but Jane says it’s not meant to be. Maura says Jane and Casey still need to talk things out, and Jane takes that moment to reiterate Maura is the only person she trusts. Strange time to bring it up. This is Maura’s cue to show she isn’t necessarily totally trustworthy. She tells Jane that Ma Rizzoli knows, before she cowardly goes to wait in the car.

After the appointment, Maura explains to Jane how Ma guessed about the baybee. But Maura doesn’t need to explain, because Jane already knows how she got it out of Maura. The stuff with the hand-holding, the palm-stroking, and the speaking-Latin thing. They’re all mind games Ma used to play to get Jane to fess up when she was a little kid. Poor Maura berates herself for falling for Ma’s “well-oiled routine.” Looks like Jane is doing a little hand-holding of her own.

Screenshot (20)

Jane confronts Ma in the PD café. At first Ma plays dumb but finally admits she knows and hugs Jane. She asks about Casey, but Jane says the baby is her responsibility, and she asks Ma to keep quiet, because she wants to stay on the job and doesn’t want to be relegated to desk duty.

Maura is hobbling up to the crime scene in heels but blames her yoga class for her wobbly walking. She’s getting her field boots re-soled. While Maura does her thing with the corpse, Jane and Korsak follow some footprints, and Jane finds a rifle in the bushes. Frankie finds an empty open grave, and Jane says the crime isn’t random.

The dead guy is Carl, and he’s a bit of a cipher. His last-known job was as a steelworker six years ago, and his last-known address is from five years ago.

Aaaand, here’s Susie’s first appearance! She’s in the lab with Korsak, trying to get a serial number off the rifle.

Screenshot (26)

It’s been filed off, but Susie has her own method for restoring filed-off numbers. Seems she’s an artist in her spare time, so the show is even giving us color on ol’ Suze. She asks Korsak for some 4-1-1 on his past, and he offers that he cut an album before becoming a cop. Can we give the Susie treatment to every character? Sure would fill in some gaps. She calls Korsak a riddle, wrapped in an enigma. Hee!

Jane walks into the lab to find Maura standing on balls to massage her feet. Jane blames all those high heels, but Maura again fingers yoga as the culprit and says it’s part of her strengthening routine. Her doctor suggested she try knobby balls. Seriously, sometimes these recaps write themselves. Jane rolls her eyes, like she often does when Maura is just too cute.

Screenshot (27)

Back to the case, Maura has retrieved two bullets from Carl. One is from a shot by the ear, which came from the rifle, but the fatal shot, in the chest, is from a .22. Susie (!) and Korsak walk in and are filled in on the latest info.

Frankie has been searching around and has come up with some intel on Carl. He lost his home after losing his job, but he had a storage unit that was cleared out two days ago. He just recently found a new job, but Frankie doesn’t know where. He’s also learned that Carl had been frequenting a local soup kitchen.

Back in the café, Frankie offers Jane some decaf coffee. That was subtle, Frank. Jane closes her eyes. He knows. He hugs and kisses her and says Ma told him. Ma shows up, and Jane goes nuts, but Ma says Frankie is family, of course it’s okay to tell him. For revenge, Jane jokes she’ll name the baby Constantina, which enrages Ma, which in turn eggs Jane on. There’s evidently some bad blood between Ma and cousin Constantina. If Ma doesn’t quit meddling, that’s the kid’s name, boy or girl. Ma is still beside herself with anger when Jane happily leaves.

Korsak tracks down the rifle’s owner, John Brooks. He and Frankie stake out Brooks’ apartment and are debating the mysteries of corned beef, when a car pulls up. The driver is detained but says he’s Brooks’s roommate. Brooks sold him the car but disappeared about a year ago. Korsak and Frankie interview the roommate. He claims Brooks was a great guy who’d cleaned himself up and quit drinking. He’d even found a job as a caretaker on a farm, a job he’d found when he answered an internet ad. He’d packed up and gone but left his computer behind. The bad news is, the roommate spilled coffee on the keyboard and doesn’t think it will be helpful. He also says Brooks was a diabetic.

Korsak and Jane discuss the case and what their first move should be. But before they leave for the night, there’s an unpleasant order of business. Korsak hands Jane a folder of prospective replacements for Frost. She says it’s way too soon to think about that, but as Korsak comforts her, he says it has to be done, and he wants Jane in on the process.

Screenshot (28)

Korsak leaves, and Jane sits alone in the empty squad room, with nothing to look at but Frost’s cherished robot toy, still sitting on his desk. *Sigh* Jane puts the folder in her drawer and forgets about it. For now

Jane and Maura wait outside of Tommy’s AA meeting to invite him to dinner and tell him about the baaaaybeee. Jane complains about the department wanting to replace Frost, but Maura knows it has to be done. In case it’s gotten past you: Jane: emotional. Maura: practical.  Once Tommy gets out, he brings up more baybay talk. Ma told him, too. As his fellow AA members walk by, Tommy introduces Jane, whom they immediately congratulate. Tommy told them, but it’s okay, because they’re from AA and won’t tell. Then he and Maura discuss what ‘peeing and pooping machines’ babies are. More eye-rolls from Jane. If she keeps doing that, they’re going to get stuck that way.

Frankie and Susie (time for another shot!) have looked at the computer and tell Jane the hard drive is fried. But they’ve been poking around on the ‘net and found a photo of an ad they think is connected to the farm job ad, and it’s going to be analyzed to see if the farm can be located. As this is going on, Jane is eating a decidedly unhealthy breakfast of a Hostess Cupcake. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Sounds like a nutritious breakfast to me!)

Screenshot (29)

Maura walks in, sees this, and goes bonkers. That cake is full of industrial chemicals! She takes it from Jane and throws it away, and as Jane takes a call from Korsak, she calls Maura a buzzkill. Maura mumbles to herself that she’s not as they head off to the park.

Back in the park, Maura proves herself wrong, as she lectures Jane on the proper pregnancy diet. As a reminder there’s an actual case going on, another grave has been found, and this one isn’t empty. The corpse is wearing a diabetes bracelet. It’s Brooks.

Korsak and Frankie have done an internet search and found the same farm photo on two other Websites. Whoever placed the ad didn’t want to be traced. A fake name and bitcoins were used. Frankie says the ad is a dead end, but the farm photo isn’t. Susie (hammered yet?) identified the trees in the photo as Blue Ash, which are found in western Ohio. A highway sign can be seen, and said highway runs through the same area. The farm no longer exists, but they keep digging.

Maura and…Susie (hope you don’t have alcohol poisoning) are doing the Brooks autopsy. Korsak comes in to this:

Screenshot (31)

He wants a diagnosis, and even though Maura says it wouldn’t be ethical to do that, she goes on to surmise that the killer is a narcissist, likes to be in control, and finds victims who seem unattached and won’t be missed right away. Then he kills them, takes everything they have, and makes them disappear. She suggests checking on John Doe’s who’ve never been claimed. Maura also finds a long, gray hair that doesn’t belong to Brooks.

Jane discusses her whole baby drama with Maura and about how she feels settled on not marrying Casey and raising the baby herself. But she hasn’t told him about the pregnancy yet. Maura says she can take her time, but Jane says Casey has contacted her and wants to talk tonight.

Korask put together and traced a pattern of unsolved murders in a line from Columbus, Ohio, through Pittsburgh, to Boston. He wants to do a fake response to the ad. Jane agrees and wants to get started, but Korsak says she should go home and rest. Did Ma tell him, too?

Korsak and Maura are composing a reply they hope sounds attractive to the killer. Nice product placement in this scene, Maura is holding her coffee at just the right angle, so we can read the name on the cup. Korsak asks if Jane is ok (because he knows who to ask when he wants the skinny on Jane). He says he knows she’s taking Frost’s death hard, but he can tell there’s something else going on. So he doesn’t know. At least Ma draws the line somewhere.

Jane is at home and answers the phone. It’s Maura, of course, checking in before Casey calls. Jane rehearses what she wants to say.

Screenshot (32)

Her skype rings, and she paints on a fake smile for Casey as she answers it.

The next morning, Jane fills Maura in. Casey was surprised by the pregnancy but agrees it’s not a reason to marry. His level of involvement will be figured out. Jane seems fine with it, but after she’s done laying it out, she says that once she got the Casey thing taken care of, everything hit her like a freight train. Having a baby on her own scares her. Ma, who’s been lurking in the background, butts in to say that’s normal, she’s supposed to be scared, because kids are trouble. She says Jane was trouble, and Maura listens gleefully as Ma recounts about what a brat Jane could be.

There was an automated reply to their response to the ad. Jane has contacted the Website and got the addresses of the others who’d answered the ad. One guy is still alive, and Jane and Korsak talk with him. He had an interview for the farm job and met a guy named Greg at the Bayview Diner. They bonded over Harleys and really hit it off, but Greg got ticked off and ended the interview when he found out the guy had a girlfriend. He describes Greg as having long gray hair.

Frankie locates the farm in the ad. As Susie said, it was in Ohio and was a longtime family farm, until it was foreclosed upon in ’84. The last owner’s son’s name was Greg, and he matches the description of the suspect. Frankie and Korsak visit the Bayview Diner, where the waitress recognizes a photo of Greg.

Jane tells Korsak a surveillance of the diner has been set up. Then she breaks the news to him about the pregnancy, because, after all, he is family. Korsak is very happy.

Screenshot (33)

Frankie comes in with a lead. A car matching the description of the last one Greg was seen driving has been pulled over.

At the scene, there are two empty vehicles, one being a police car with its lights flashing. At the sound of a gunshot, everyone runs into the woods. A cop is down, shot in the leg. He points to where the perp took off, and Frankie and Jane pursue. Then Greg shoots at Jane. She ducks behind a tree before she comes out with gun blazing and kills Greg.

He tumbles to the ground. Frankie arrives, and runs to Jane when she doesn’t get up. But she’s not hurt, just understandably shook up after shooting someone. We were supposed to think she would lose the baby. Ho hum. How many red herrings like this are going to happen in the next few weeks? Don’t the writers have anything better to do?

Screenshot (40)

Back at the station, Jane and Korsak go through Brooks’s stuff they found in Greg’s car and wonder about Greg’s motivation for his crimes. Korsak thinks losing the family farm must have messed him up pretty good, but Jane has a simpler explanation. He’s an asshole. They find a trophy Brooks’s friend mentioned and call him to the station to pick it up. They tell him he should be happy he helped catch a killer. He’s still sad about Brooks and wishes his friend had come to him for help. Everybody needs help sometimes, ya know? Even people like Jane, who hate asking for it, maybe? This show is so subtle.

Jane goes to yoga with Maura. They discuss Jane’s day and how she killed a guy. Jane reasons that it was her or him, and she’s glad things turned out as they did. While that goes without saying, Jane seems to be taking this just-killed-a-guy thing way too lightly. Remember when she killed Hoyt a couple of seasons ago and went to a party like nothing happened? Either Jane lacks empathy, or the writers suck at exposition. Since we know Jane isn’t a sociopath, I think it’s that second thing.

Plus, this must be the new kind of police department that doesn’t have a hearing after an officer-involved shooting.

Maura says Jane will love yoga. In the locker room, Jane sees a hideous pair of heels which she for some reason likes, tries them on, then poses.

Screenshot (37)

Maura asks why Jane is really at yoga, and Jane says it’s because she realizes she’s going to need help with the baby. Good thing that victim’s friend drove that point home for her, or she may have never realized. Maura is impressed Jane is asking for help and says it takes a village, and Jane’s village, her family and friends, will help with the baby.

Heels lady then strolls in and she’s a real beeotch. She demands to know how anyone would be sick enough to try on someone else’s shoes. Hey, lady, it could have been worse. You could have left your undies behind (Jane would be like, “These are cute. I wonder if they’ll fit in my second trimester.”). Heels Lady then goes to get an instructor so she can ‘tell’ on Jane. Maura decides she’s really not in the mood for yoga and suggests a burger instead. But Maura suggests a burger might be too fatty for Jane, so she suggests a turkey burger, and they walk off into the night, debating the merits of turkey burgers whilst running away from yoga and Ms. Heels.

Screenshot (38)

Will Maura ever be able to show her face in yoga class again? And what about the knobby balls? Tune in next week to find out…

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