Recap: Perception Episode 5.03 Shiver


by Veruca Salt

We begin with Kate at a bank, and at first I’m worried, because I think it will be one of those “good guy just happens to be at the bank two minutes before it’s robbed, and they become a hostage” kind of shows, but no. Her partner is there. They must have been tipped off the robber is coming. The bad part is, the robber manages to grab a little kid, so our heroes immediately abandon their guns as requested. The robber gets his money and leaves with the kid as mom begs robber not to hurt him. While I was glad mom didn’t try to be a hero and run at the man with a gun, I was struck by how calm she did seem.

Kate and partner try to chase the robber, but he gets away.

Okay, NOW mom is freaking out. Apparently Junior is developmentally disabled and trusts everyone. Kate tries to calm her down.

It seems the teller dropped a GPS tracking device into the bag. Kate and partner race to the location, where of course, the robber is not. What looks like a S.W.A.T. team gets everyone off a bus with their hands above their head. Dillon (the kid) gets off the bus and shows Kate the stack of money the killer gave him, with the tracking device tucked inside.

Daniel lectures about how if you don’t use your memories, you could lose them forever, when Lewicki reminds him of a two o’clock meeting Daniel looks thrilled about and in fact tells Lewicki to make up an excuse to interrupt him in ten minutes.

Daniel walks into his office to find his father (Peter Coyote), and you can tell it’s a warm, familial relationship when they shake hands in greeting. Apparently dad has moved into a condo with his wife and wants to give his huge mansion to Daniel. Daniel is just happy with his nice little house he was able to afford on a teacher’s salary, thank you. Dad tells Daniel to swallow his pride, and Daniel is thrilled his dad has shown up after them barely speaking for twenty years, just to insult Daniel. Dad thinks maybe dying and leaving Daniel the house would have been more pleasant. Lewicki knocks on the door to say Kate needs him. Turns out Lewicki didn’t need to make up that excuse.

At the FBI, Kate tells Daniel about the serial bank robber. Where she and her partner were located was only one of five locations they had staked out and would have gone off without a hitch, if the kid hadn’t been involved. Of course, Daniel is there for Dillon, who has Williams Syndrome. Daniel knows of it.  Kate says the kid is extremely friendly and might put Daniel off, but Daniel brushes that off.

Until Dillon hits him with a barrage of questions about why he wears his scarf indoors, etc., and ends it with, “Why are you frowning? Do you need a hug?” Daniel’s protests are to no avail, as the kid throws himself at Daniel for said hug.  On mom’s encouragement, Dillon tells Daniel, “The skeleton was smiling with nice teeth. Skeletons are dead, but they look happy.” However, once the robber took off his mask, his real face wasn’t smiling and neither was the other guy’s, who was the driver. He drove like Indy 500 and had a fake shark necklace. Shark guy asked Dillon what was wrong with him. Dillon explained he had a disability, and his brain was special. Shark guy laughed at him but robber said his brain was messed up, too. He has a disease and says he’s going to die but didn’t say the name of the disease. Shark guy said they should take the money to the airport, but robber said they didn’t have enough yet. Shark guy wanted to get rid of Dillon, but robber made it clear they were never doing that…again. DUN DUN DUN. Kate thinks these guys are murders, but Daniel says people with Williams syndrome are sometimes more poetic than precise.

Kate tells her partner to alert airports, etc. about two guys paying cash, and one wears a shark necklace. Yeah, good luck with that.

Kate thinks the robberies may be inside jobs, since it’s the same M.O. each time (but are they different banks?) Since they now know the guy is sick, they track down employees on sick leave. Shane McNamara has been on sick leave for two months. So, they go and…break down the sick man’s door and arrest him? On the basis of sick leave? They didn’t even bother to have a convo? Check out his alibi? Just straight to the S.W.A.T. team?

Shane is in the hospital and says he has kuru. Daniel scoffs, since you can only get this disease in Papua New Guinea. Turns out Shane was there seventeen years ago. The disease is like Mad Cow. It’s fatal. But the thing is, you…ugh…get it from eating human flesh.

Shane says that while most people want to go to Hawaii to surf, he thought New Guinea was cool, so he went there and hung out with the Fore Tribe. The tribe had a ceremony where they gave Shane a weird kind of meat. They’d just won a battle, and apparently when one of the warriors is killed, they eat his flesh, believing his spirit returns to the tribe.

Kate wants to know how Shane went from hanging with the tribe to robbing banks and killing people. Shane is confused about the “killing people” part. He says Dillon is confused because he’s special. Kate asks why if he’s dying, he needed all of that money. He laughs and says he thought he’d buy a “crib” on the beach in Fiji, surf until he couldn’t any more, then one day just just paddle out and become shark food. He won’t give up his partner, though. He’s not screwing over anybody else.

Kate is skeptical Shane has kuru, but Daniel says it could take decades to incubate. Once the symptoms occur, however, it’s a quick downhill slide. Daniel says to make sure, an autopsy could be done, but he thinks with Shane’s symptoms, it could be something else. He runs off to get Shane’s doctor to do some tests.

Turns out Shane has lyme disease. He let it go so long, he got Encephalitis. Dude had diagnosed himself on the internet instead o0f going to an actual doctor. Now he faces sixty years in Federal prison. But if he gives up his partner, he could serve out his sentence concurrently, making it only ten years. Not wanting to surf when he’s ninety-six, Shane gives up his partner.

His name is Josh, and his dad hasn’t seen him in seventeen years. Dad is informed Josh snuck back into the country a few months ago on a freighter. Shane and Josh grew up together. Senior year, dad gave Josh some money to go on a trip. That’s the last time he saw Josh, who sent his dad an email about western materialism and how he found the last paradise. Josh emailed dad for a couple of years, mainly to ask for money, which dad obliged. He cut Josh off at twenty thousand bucks. This man has a higher threshold than I do. Dad emailed Josh to tell him about his mom dying of kidney disease, but he never answered or showed up. Dad is not pleased Josh is robbing banks, but it’s still his kid, and he’d do anything to see Josh again.

Kate gets dad to do a press conference urging Josh to turn himself in.

Back at home, a rather persistent real estate agent tries to convince Daniel to move into daddy’s house, so she could sell his. He pushes her out the door. Natalie appears and tells him to sell dad’s house and donate the money to charity. Daniel thinks his dad has an ulterior motive, and Natalie thinks that motive is to reconnect with Daniel. When Natalie suggests it’s a way to repair the relationship, Daniel doesn’t argue. In fact, he shows up at his dad’s condo. His wife answers the door and invites Daniel in. Dad left for bagels in the morning and never came back. He also forgot his cell phone, and his wife thinks he may be lost, even though Daniel says his dad has a really good sense of direction. Also, Dad has developed a terrible temper, and I can’t believe nobody is having their serious symptoms checked out by a doctor.  Daniel suggests it may be a reaction to the heart medication, and wifey seems to latch onto this, but I don’t think Daniel believes it himself.

Pushy real estate agent is at the house being pushy, but of course, we find out soon enough she’s just an illusion. When wifey shows Daniel the medication, he says beta blockers can cause confusion. Wifey asks Daniel to help her find him. Pushy fake real estate agent tells Daniel to remember the first rule of real estate: location, location, location. Daniel knows where his dad is.

He’s sitting outside at the old humongous house, of course. He forgot where the new condo was. After some back and forth regarding their vastly different memories of Daniel’s childhood, the conclusion is that he has Alzheimer’s. Which, yeah. I guess he did go to a doctor, he just didn’t tell wifey. After talking about how he’s going to lose all of his memories then die, he asks Daniel if he wants the house. Daniel thinks this is just some last-ditch effort to earn forgiveness before he’s too far gone to care. Daniel’s father gets insulted and asks his wife to take him home.

Kate goes to see Donnie and shows him the age-enhanced photography they did on Josh. They talk about marriage plans, and Donnie says Father Pat will let them book St. Mary’s once the annulment goes through. Kate thinks it’s absurd they have to get these annulments so the church will marry them, but Donnie would go through it a hundred times to marry her again. Kate gets a call. A car was on fire in an abandoned garage. Half a million bucks are found burned up, too, all of it in Chicago Federal Bank wrappers. In the trunk is a crispy corpse with a shark necklace, but they’re still going to do DNA and dental records. So, apparently the FBI still follows some procedures.

As Kate and her partner discuss how the robbing wasn’t for the money. They hear coughing and find a homeless person, who’s perturbed Kate didn’t knock. Her name is Shirley, and they take her in for questioning as she rants about the “crocodile man.” She also wants a drink, which Daniel suggests giving her before her DTs get any worse. They can take her to a rehab later, but right now she needs it for her brain to work properly. Kate has peppermint schnapps in her desk drawer, a present from her Secret Santa last Christmas. As Shirley drinks her booze out of a coffee cup, she’s now more friendly and talkative. She heard the men shouting. Turns out “Crocodile Man” is Crocodile Dundee, so one of the guys had an Australian accent. Shirley doesn’t know if the Aussie was the one who did the shooting.

Though Kate’s partner says the one with the Aussie accent is not Josh, since he grew up in Chicago, Daniel says the New Guinea accent is similar, and Josh lived there for years. When Kate goes to get Dad’s DNA, so she can figure out if that’s Josh in the trunk, Dad says she won’t need it and confesses to killing Josh.

Daddy wants to go to Federal prison, since he’s not a young man, and it’s agreed, as long as he gives them a full accounting. So, Josh left a note in his truck at a job site. Though he’d promised to bring Josh in, he wanted to hear what Josh had to say, before they took him away again. Dad thought that seeing Josh would help him to forgive him for what Josh did to his mother, but dad says he was wrong. Josh offered his dad money, but it was blood money. It made him sick.

At home, Daniel talks to Natalie and says it doesn’t make sense, because Dad loved Josh. But Natalie said Dad couldn’t forgive, just like Daniel can’t forgive his own father. Natalie suggests Dad isn’t asking for forgiveness but help, since he’s an emotionally stunted guy who doesn’t know how to express himself. His son is a brilliant Neuroscientist, so maybe he’s hoping that Daniel will help him. Daniel points out that Dad didn’t help his mom through her disease or come see Daniel when he was in the hospital. Natalie points out his solution is to act just like his dad.

Pushy real estate agent shows up to say the people won’t put an offer on Daniel’s house, not because they don’t exist, but because of the airport noise. Daniel gets an epiphany. He calls Kate and asks to speak with Dillon again, since he doesn’t believe Dad killed Shane.

At the FBI, Daniel questions Dillion, who talks about how he plays the trumpet and learned a song by Bach. Daniel would love to hear Dillon play, since his mom loved Bach. Then he finds out it was Josh who suggested they take the money to the airport, only they didn’t say airport, they said O’hare. It turned out, they weren’t talking about O’hare airport, but John O’hare, Shane’s dad. This means Shark Necklace wasn’t Josh, since he would have just called John, “Dad.” This also means John lied.

John did get a note, but it was from some guy named Mick (wasn’t that Crocodile Dundee’s name in the movie? His name was Michael, but I could swear they called him, Mick.) Anyway, the note said the guy wanted to tell John something about his son. When John gets there, Mick tells him Josh died seventeen years ago, when they couldn’t get him to a doctor.  He and Shane were the ones who sent all of the emails. They felt bad (I guess with Shane dying and all, he wanted to make it right), and they robbed banks to pay back John. They were going for a million, but they didn’t get that much.

Dad is understandably upset. They let his son die then extorted money from him.  Mick just wants Dad to take the money. He opens up the bag and shows it to Dad, but Dad shoots Mick in the chest and has a BBQ. Also, the reason he lied about it being Josh, is so he could get in Federal prison and take care of Shane as well. Now that deal is no longer valid. And just before Dad shot Mick, he said Dad couldn’t shoot him, because he had his son’s spirit in him. Daniel says he was telling the truth. So, ewww.

They go to see Shane. He says it was stupid for him to tell them it was Josh, but he figured they’d never find him. Whoopsie. They tell him Dad shot Mick, then they interrogate Shane on the whole “getting rid of” thing. They think he meant Josh. That’s why they felt so guilty. Shane says none of it would have happened if they hadn’t run into Mick, who told them the waves in Fiji sucked, and there were some “killer breaks” in Papua New Guinea. Turns out, Mick was lying. There was a lot of crime, and they were broke. They hung out with a gang called the Raskols. Scary dudes. Mick comes home with these guns that the Raskols made out of pipes and pieces of wood. Mick said they could steal enough from a check-cashing place to surf for a couple of months on one of the outer islands. So, they got high and go to the check-cashing place, only for the owner to shoot Josh before they even get to the register. We see in flashback that Josh is lying there bleeding but alive. Shane wants to go to the hospital, but Mick isn’t up for that idea, since they’ll get caught. His idea is to put Josh out of his misery, so he gets Shane to hold Josh down, and Mick takes care of it.

Then they ate Josh’s flesh. Ew. They cut away before we see that. When Kate asks how Shane could do it, he says that in that place at that time, it made sense. His deal is also off the table. He’ll get out when he’s ninety-six. Shane says he wished he had kuru, because it would make the memories go away. Daniel has an epiphany.

Dad comes barging into Daniel’s office, furious because Daniel signed him up for a clinical trial without asking him. Daniel admits it’s a longshot. He tells his dad he can’t just ignore it, like he did with his mom’s cancer and his schizophrenia. Dad apologizes for not having done more for Daniel, but Daniel says that while he’s willing to help his dad, he’s not ready to forgive. Dad says Daniel doesn’t want the house, so to hell with the damn study.

Daniel lectures about how the past can come back to haunt us. It can stick with us for a lifetime, but we shouldn’t live in a protective cocoon.

Montage: Shane in the hospital. Dad O’Hare in prison garb. Daniel’s dad looking at a scrapbook. Pictures Daniel drew as a kid for Father’s Day. Ugh. Donnie and Kate making out. Dillon playing the trumpet, while Daniel accompanies him on the piano. It sounds beautiful.






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