Reconvo: The Blacklist S2 Ep. 8 The Decembrist


Veruca Salt and L.T. Milroy

As expected, there was a whole lot to process in the winter finale. We’ve never seen anything like it before! Lizzie and the FBI and the CIA and Homeland Security and the police, and probably the local Cub Scout pack, are all left looking stupid and foolish while the bad guys run amok unfettered and totally have their way! Oh, that’s right, we’ve seen that before on this show…like, every week.

Eh, no biggie, it’s a lot of fun. And this week there’s also the return of Alan Alda, who gets to chew some major scenery with James Spader. Even if it only makes marginal sense, it’s all great fun to watch. Hey you guys, do you want a knife and fork for that backdrop, or will a soup spoon do? Bravo, boys, carry on…

LT: We open to a flashback of four months ago, when Liz and Red have Tom captive. Red wants to shoot him, but Liz says she wants to be the one to off her husband, as it’s between them. Red says he’ll wait outside, and when Liz calls to ask where the heck he went, she tells him it’s done.

Of course, Liz couldn’t bring herself to kill Tom. He’s just wounded from the original fight for the gun. Badly.

V: Yeah, when she said, “It’s done,” and they pan to the back of the car with Tom rolling around, I got the idea. Red said the reason he left was because of police presence, but that didn’t stop Liz from absconding with bloody Tom, so good work there, police people.

Also, if you have a bloodied, shot-up dude in your car, you shouldn’t drive all reckless in and out of lanes and into oncoming traffic. It might call attention to you.

LT: Just another instance of the world’s awesomest fed being awesome.

V: Another question is what she would have done if Red had been there when she came out, if she was trying to keep the Tom is alive thing a secret.

LT: I don’t think the writers thought of that.

She drives him over to her friend Ellie, who says Tom is hurt really bad, but she’ll do her best to treat him. He’s in considerable pain, and Ellie’s off-the-grid treatment in makeshift facilities isn’t helping. But he survives.

V: I guess we’ll also get the Ellie backstory at some point, since Liz tosses off Ellie’s concerns about losing her license and going to jail with, “You owe me.”

LT: We find out the big guy who’s been guarding Tom is Steve, Meera’s former CI.

V: Silly man thought Liz was just going to arrest Tom. You know, by the mere fact that she’s an FBI agent and all, but no. So now the guy is on babysitter duty, something he never agreed to in the first place. And she’s also placing him in danger of going to jail, since she’s stashing Tom on his boat.

I don’t know what the heck kind of favors these people owe her, but unless she risked her life for them, it’s far from even.

LT: Who can say no to Liz? She’s so awesome.

She pumps Tom for information.

The Blacklist - Season 2

She tells him that’s the only reason he’s alive is to tell all he knows about Berlin. The questioning goes on and on, and by day seventy-seven, he’s at last figured out that Liz is probably never going to let him go. He says he’s told her all he knows. Then we see that moment again when Tom asks her to at least “look me in the eyes when you do it.”

When he says “do it,” does he mean have sex? Because I have a feeling Liz will go there with him long before she’ll ever kill him.

V:  I second that assessment, as it’s the feeling I got in the last episode.

My favorite part of that little montage confirmed my suspicions that Tom totally fell in love with Agent Special Snowflake. He says, “You know, in all this time you never asked if I ever really loved you.” When she says she knows the answer, he says, “I don’t think you do.”

Is that the reason he agreed to adopt the baby? Because that question was not answered to my satisfaction. It’s something many viewers have been wondering about ever since it was revealed Tom was a spy, and his “We were married. Isn’t that what married people do?” just didn’t cut it for me.

LT: Me, either. Seems pretty irresponsible.

V: My other favorite part was this exchange:

What do you know about Reddington?
I don’t know.
(louder) What do you know about Reddington?
(also louder) I told you, I don’t know!

LT: That was funny! Just like how some people seem to think that if you talk loud enough to someone who doesn’t speak English, they’ll understand.

V: I also want to hear real answers to the following:

Have you spied on others? Is this what you do? (answer: Yes, no, I don’t remember)
Tell me about the guests at our wedding.
Gina Zanetakos.

And even though Liz has Tom tied up and can demand more detailed answers because, hello, seventy-seven days, she still did not get a real, honest answer to many of these questions.

LT: Red is with his new bestie, Berlin.

meeting with berlin and daughter

V: The dude finally has a name! Given to Red by Berlin’s daughter. Gosh, I hope he didn’t get the information out of her the same way he does out of most people. Anyway, his name is Milos Kirchhoff.

LT: I know the show was all about how Red and Berlin had this years-long feud and hated each other, but that’s all over apparently, so get used to it. Now that Berlin knows Red didn’t kill his daughter, Red wants to know who fed him the lie. Berlin goes back in time to 1991, when things were simpler and dinosaurs roamed the earth. The Soviet Union was also collapsing.

V: A bunch of people, including members of the military, KGB, and Stasi, planned to push back the progressives.

LT: They were meeting to discuss strategy, when something known as the Kursk bombing took place. Fifteen of them were killed. It ended the resistance.

V: Berlin found out the Americans were involved, and the one name he got was, of course, Reddington’s, who he was told accused Zoe of being a dissident, which got her imprisoned.

LT: Because of this, Berlin’s loyalties were questioned, and while imprisoned in the Gulag, he received what he was told were Zoe’s bones in the mail, but she had actually escaped Russia with the help of someone called The Decembrist, whom she’d never met.

the decembrist

V: Isn’t it convenient and nice that all of these vicious criminals have catchy little nicknames? It makes the list so much more interesting than boring old Tom Smith.

Zoe says The Decembrist’s people arranged for her to get out of the country, and that’s all she knows. She tries to leave, but one of Berlin’s goons stops her. She goes up to dear old dad and tells him he killed her friends and ruined her life. Hasn’t he done enough? Berlin lets her go.

LT: As she leaves, Red gives Berlin a special phone and says he’s going to need Berlin’s help finding The Decembrist.

The timeline seems screwed up. Zoe was deemed a dangerous dissident at age ten? She must have been quite the precocious child. They should have either explained why such a young child was so political as to be considered dangerous or had the timeline make sense and gotten an actress at least a decade older to play Zoe …

V: Yeah, that is kind of weird. I need that timeline explained better.

LT: Liz is at the boat, discussing options with Steve the guard. The big guy is getting skittish. He says this has gone on too long. If Liz turns him in now, she’ll go to jail. Tom needs to die. He knows people who can get the job done.

V: Were they seriously having the “Tom needs to die” discussion within earshot of Tom?

LT: Looked that way to me!

V: The conversation does support my suspicion that Liz will not be killing Tom, since she says she’s not a murderer. Kidnapper, torturer, withholder of medical treatment until she gets answers, but not a murderer. Good for you, Liz, for sticking to your principles!

LT: They hear noises, and Liz looks outside. The harbormaster is on board, poking around. Liz puts a gun and badge in his face and tells him she’s looking for escaped prisoners from Cumberland.

V: Did you catch where she gave the harbormaster her card? Smart, Liz!

LT: As she gets rid of the harbormaster, Dembe calls. When she gets to Reddington, she finds him standing outside an apartment. He tells Liz about The Decembrist. She’s surprised he’s working with Berlin. They be BFFs now, Lizzie, where you been? She’s upset Red hasn’t killed Berlin yet, because she blames Berlin for killing Meera, wounding Cooper, and putting Tom in her life.

The apartment door opens, and we catch a glimpse of someone tied up inside. There’s loud music playing, and a guy exits, wearing headphones to muffle the noise. He screams at Red that the prisoner is more scared of talking than he is of dying.

guy with headphones

Red pulls away his headphones and says to keep it up. The guy says he’s going to need some lunch and requests a tuna sandwich and coleslaw. Hee! I guess conducting all of that psychological loud-music torture works up an appetite.

Red wants Liz’s help finding The Decembrist. ‘Cause Liz is so smart and helpful.

V: What about the guy he’s torturing for information inside the apartment? He’s not good enough? And it’s nice of him to reassure Liz he’ll be taking care of Berlin after he’s taken care of Decembrist dude. And I don’t think that care involves tucking them into bed with a cup of tea and a warm blankie. Anyway, since this Decembrist is the one ultimately responsible, maybe Liz needs to get to finding him.

LT: So Liz takes the information back to the office and fills in the squad.

V: This is the guy responsible for the end of Communism in Eastern Europe?

LT: Ressler, as usual, questions why they have to do everything Red tells them.

V: When is Ressler going to get on board the We work for Red and not the other way around train? I’m sorry, buddy. Especially when Cooper gets on his soapbox about solving a terrorism case and taking down Berlin at the same time, blah blah blah. So, it’s on.

Aram wants to contact the FSB, but ix-nay on that, since, well, that little bombing was considered an act of patriotism. They need the Russian records.

LT: The nosy harbormaster is back, snooping around. I don’t see this ending well. Hey buddy, when Superagent Keen tells you to back off, you back off!

Aram got the reports back from Russia, and he informs Cooper they got DNA on the bomber, Kiryl Morozov, who is thought to be The Decembrist. Morozov is currently the Finance Minister of Russia.

Back at the luv boat, Tom hears someone outside, and calls out. Nosy harbormaster pries the door open. The door that supposedly has a keypad? And where’s huge guard guy? Can Liz/the FBI manage to do anything right?

V: No.

LT: Liz and Cooper try to convince the Deputy Attorney General that Red will give them Berlin if they help find Morozov, but they’re overruled. The FBI doesn’t solve Russian crimes, and Liz’s request to go to Moscow is denied.


V: The minute Cooper starts arguing with her about what will happen if Red gets to Morozov first, I already know it’s going to be a rogue mission, but I’m sure of it when I hear, “That’s an order.”

Sure enough, after the brass leaves, Cooper does the old wink/nod to Liz when he says his hands are tied and how Reddington has anonymous sources who will get him Morozov’s name somehow. This means our little ragtag bunch is on its own, and we’ve all seen how that goes. So, expect banana peels galore on this one.

LT: Liz immediately calls Red and fills him in but says he has to make sure it’s not traceable to the FBI task force. Her other line beeps, and she answers. Hard to believe she puts Red on hold, I’m sure he’s not accustomed to that. It’s Tom’s guard saying there’s a “situation.” Liz gets back to Red and gives him Morozov’s name. He asks her what’s wrong, but she just repeats the name.

Red meets with his new playmate, Berlin, and suggests a trip to Russia.

Liz hurries to the boat to find Steve the guard has disabled the harbormaster and has tied him up. Nosy guy insists he won’t tell anybody anything, but then Tom starts running his mouth about how of course Curious George will talk, and the only option is to kill him.

Harbormaster says again that he won’t talk, and Liz is trying to figure a way out of this, when Tom manages to grab onto something on the roof of the boat and wrap his leg chains around harbormaster’s neck.

badass tom

Steve holds Liz back, and she shoots him in the foot to get past, but it’s too late. Tom then says it’s time to call Mr. Kaplan. How does he know about Mr. Kaplan??

V: So I guess his vehement I DON’T KNOW’S when Liz asked how much he knew about Reddington, might have been a lie?

LT: And she didn’t catch this? I did, and my life and career aren’t on the line.

V: You’re also not the most sparkly agent at the FBI.

And what I didn’t understand was that she shot Steve in the foot, because she was trying to get him off her so she could stop Tom, but she didn’t. She just held the gun on Steve while screaming at Tom to stop, which was the same thing that was happening when Steve had her pinned. Why didn’t she shoot TOM in the leg, once Steve was off her? Liz is the WORST at her job.

LT: Red and his bestest bosom buddy are goin’ back to the USSR, boy! Red says Morozov isn’t into women or drink, just hiding his ill-gotten gains.

V: There was a “convenient” diamond heist in Russia. Diamonds Morozov buys and sells through Berlin’s broker at the Mercury City Tower in Moscow. Morozov will call a meeting to assess his exposure, and Red and Berlin will be ready.

Red has to tell Berlin to focus, since he’s grinding his teeth over making Mozorov millions, and the guy’s double-crossing him like this.

LT: At the Mercury Tower, Morozov and his posse get in an elevator and are wiped out from above. Like elevators on TV aren’t infamous for this. Why does anybody even take elevators on these shows at this point?

V: Have you ever seen an elevator with just a grate on top with big, giant holes? And if you did look up and see that, wouldn’t you immediately step out? Especially if you’re this guy, who’s supposed to be all paranoid about his safety?

LT: Red and Berlin are waiting when the elevator opens, and the only survivor, Morozov, tries to run, but Berlin grabs him and regales Morozov with the story of his daughter.

V: Morozov gives the traditional “I was just following orders!” shtick, to which Red surmises he’s not the Decembrist. Morozov once again tries to go with the party line that it was the American, specifically Red, but Berlin’s already gone down that avenue, and he ain’t having any more of that.

LT: Morozov eventually gives a name. Alan Fitch. Then Berlin shoots him and bickers with Red over who should kill Alan. I think Red should get this one. They should take turns. Or maybe they could flip for it? Seems only fair.

V: When Red says, “Call the florist” I have a feeling it’s not to send some nice petunias to Fitch. Also, it’s unclear whether they’re arguing over who will kill him, since Berlin assumes Red is protecting him. We’ll soon find out.

LT: We haven’t seen Alan Fitch, aka Alan Alda, at all yet this season, but he reappears at a meeting in Washington. He’s the Director of National Intelligence, as well as an integral part of some secret extra-governmental organization we found out a little about last season but not a whole lot. A floral arrangement is delivered, and Fitch recognizes it immediately as some kind of sign from Red.

the florist

V: OH! He did mean a real florist! With all of the nicknames on this show, I was sure that was another one.

LT: He leaves the meeting and goes to a nearby bar, where Red is waiting. Red gives him the news about Morozov and asks if he wants a drink.

V: The Deputy Attorney General isn’t stupid. Eighteen hours after they find out Mozorov is behind the bombing, and he’s dead. She immediately says Red is behind it, and even though just eighteen hours ago, Cooper had told her that if Red found out the name before they did something, this  would happen, he totally denies having any involvement in sanctioning any of it.

While they’re denying everything, the second the DAG mentions Red, Liz says he called an hour before and suggested Alan might need some protection. Ah, I thought Red was trying to protect him.

Anyway, once Liz tells the DAG about how Alan ordered the Kursk bombing, she screams some more, because she hasn’t had enough angry face in her scenes. She’s appalled and outraged anyone would even think that the Asst. Director of National Intelligence is a terrorist. She’ll call Homeland security and have the situation hanDleD. Sorry, but if she hit those D’s any harder, her jaw would have locked.

LT: Way before the deal where they agreed not to come after each other, Fitch ordered the Kursk bombing then blamed Red for it, as well as the death of Berlin’s daughter.

V: Then we go all the way back to the Stewmaker case. There was a point where Red found a picture of a little girl on a corpse of an associate of Red’s. He took it as a warning and traced it to The Stewmaker. I believe he’d found it in The Stewmaker’s little death photo album.

Anyway, The Stewmaker told Red the little girl was sent to him by a man he’d never met. She was in trouble and needed to disappear. So The Stewmaker took a picture of her that made her look dead, put it in a locket, and sent it to Berlin. The little girl in the picture was obviously Zoe. How old is she here? Hard to tell.

young zoe

Red is furious that Alan played Berlin, but Alan is quick to remind Red he’s not exactly innocent. He stole some valuable information about them. Alan tries to calm Red down by telling him that once their deal was in place, he tried to get Berlin to stand down, but Berlin is such an impetuous fool, he went and did his own thing.

LT: Red says Berlin wants to kill him. Red tried to stop him, but it seems Berlin is now Red’s former BFF, because he’s gone rogue and is hunting down Fitch, who reminds Red that if Berlin is successful, Fitch won’t be around to protect Red any more. Red’s enemies will be free to take him down.

Homeland Security has been notified and is to take Fitch into protective custody, but of course, the driver and passenger in the car really work for Berlin. They kill Fitch’s handler and Fitch is taken. Homeland Security must have been jealous watching the FBI bumble around this show every week and wanted equal time.

V: Did you see how quickly the Homeland guys flashed their badges? Also, never get into a black, shiny SUV. You’ll be shot.

LT: Back at the FBI, as the agents are trying to determine how to find their own asses with both hands, Red walks in and asks to see Liz. He gets right to the point. He knows Tom is still alive and is disappointed in little Lizzie for deceiving him. She says she kept it secret, because she knows he wants Tom dead. Red counters that the problem is Liz is still in love with Tom, which is likely true.

V: Not likely true, TOTALLY true. Red is many things, but number one, he’s not a liar and number two, he knows people inside and out, particularly someone as easy to read as Liz, whose best response is, “What?” This is a supposed profiler. The best the FBI has to offer. But she breaks like a cheap card table the second Red breathes her way. His assessment that she’s “playing house” is dead freaking ON.

Red feels that most of Tom’s information is old news, which in this case, may be of help. Berlin has gone to ground, so he’ll have to go back in time and reach out to some of his old sources, which are the ones Tom knows about.

LT: Liz is with Tom, trying to figure out her next move. The harbormaster’s body is still there (how much time has passed, exactly?), and his phone keeps ringing. Tom tries to get into Liz’s head by telling her she’s not up to this, because she’s not a killer. And besides, Steve will probably come back to kill them both. He says he’ll give her Berlin, but she has to let him go.

tom in chains

V: Oh, no! It’s a stalemate! Whatever will she do?

LT: Liz has brought Tom to a pay phone (are there really any of those left in DC?) to get in touch with Berlin, while she waits in the car with Ressler.

V: I’m totally shocked by this development.

LT: He can’t believe Liz kept Tom alive. Ressler says he has to turn in Tom, but she says Tom is just an informant, like Red.

V: But even Ressler, the drug addict, has Liz’s number, when he says the difference is that she’s not in love with Red. No, but go back a couple of episodes where she admits she likes being his speshul snowflake. The bestest profiler and FBI agent in the world, ladies and gentlemen. She can’t read anyone, but everyone can read her.

Meanwhile, Tom speaks with Berlin and manages to snare him by saying he knows what the FBI knows about Fitch and Berlin’s operation, and he can help.

LT: Tom comes back to the car and says he knows where Berlin is. Ressler thinks it’s a setup, and he and Tom get into a little mine’s-bigger bickering, which includes some territory-marking around Liz. Yuck.


Tom gives them an address, and with a bit of hesitation, Liz lets him go. Just like that, after all this time? Just like that.

V: It took all of ten seconds for her to take off his monitor. The woman is iron. She’s steel. She is an unmovable force.

LT: Or perhaps a Tootsie Roll, wrapped in a Twinkie, inside a cream puff. The cops break into where Fitch is being held and take out those guarding him. But Fitch has a bomb fastened around his neck, and any extraneous movement will set it off.

Since Berlin also has the detonator, it’s determined Fitch has to be moved somewhere a signal can’t be transmitted.

He’s carefully transported to that FBI secure box of S1, where Red was locked for safekeeping a couple of times, and where Red operated on Ressler’s leg.

fitch screwed

Speaking of that, isn’t it kind of curious that Ressler seems so hostile to everything Red-related this season, when if it wasn’t for him, Res would be hobbling around on only one real leg these days? One would think he’d be a bit more grateful.

V: Well, see, the people who shot out Ressler’s leg wouldn’t have been there if it weren’t for them coming for Red. Also, also, I believe Red threatened to shoot that same leg, if I’m not mistaken. Plus, all of Ressler’s man-points have been taken away by Red, and let’s face it, now Tom.

LT: Ressler still seems pissed about the Tom thing, and Liz says she’ll tell Cooper about it. Then the DAG chick insists that Liz’s source be brought in. Ressler says the source is Red. Res is so fickle.

V: I love how Liz is trying to say how awesome Tom’s information was, but Ressler points out that she got played. Tom’s free, and Berlin gift-wrapped Fitch with a bomb around his neck. In other words, Berlin figured even if they did get to Fitch, they couldn’t do anything about it. Why else would he do the bomb thing, if not for wanting to taunt the FBI? Berlin could have easily taken care of him the old-fashioned way, with a bullet to the head right in that car.

Also, Ressler tries to apologize for the quip he made about her being in love with Tom, but brilliant profiler she is, Liz thinks he’s referring to the other stuff.

LT: Zoe gets into her car, and Red is waiting. He asks if Berlin called her. She just looks at him. I think that means yes.

V: Does nobody look inside their car before they get inside of it?

LT: The bomb squad has been trying to disarm the device around Fitch’s neck. They then discover that it also has a timer in addition to being able to be set off remotely. They have no way of determining how much time is left.

Zoe is having lunch with Berlin. Aw, it’s just like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting, if Rockwell had been insane. He’s all happy about spending time with her. But of course, we saw her meet with Red earlier, so we know this isn’t a heartwarming occasion.

Red shows up to spoil this little dysfunctional family reunion, and it’s almost hard not to feel a bit sorry for Berlin as he realizes he’s been set up. He watches helplessly as Red hands Zoe an envelope with “passports, tickets, and my eternal gratitude.” She leaves. Red asks about the bomb. Berlin denies any knowledge, and Red puts a gun to his head.

V: Credit to the actors. I did almost feel sorry for Berlin. Here he thought his daughter was dead, spent his life seeking vengeance, and now he gets to be a daddy for five minutes before Red rains on his parade.

LT: Fitch realizes his situation is futile and tells the bomb squad to stop working. Then he asks to see Red.

V: There was this bit where he talks about how he sent 763 guys to their deaths fighting for their country, and he won’t make it 764. So good ol’ Mike, the bomb dismantler, gets to go home.

 mikey needs to go

LT: Boy, he wasted no time booking out of there, did he? I thought that was realistic. We usually get the dedicated taskmaster who will work until his guts get splayed all over the box, but I thought this was more true-to-life. Mikey was like, “I can go? See ya!”

 V: I did think that was hilarious!

LT: Red wastes no time coming to see Fitch.

meeting with fitch

Fitch tells Red he’s been trying to hold everyone off and let Red live. He says that some aren’t sure he even has the fulcrum and asks if he does. Red doesn’t answer, of course. I’m sure they plan to get at least a season out of this. He just says he can’t stop the process.

Fitch says something about how the moderates are already outnumbered, and the closer we get to 2017, the more radicalized they’ll become. He says to talk to Mitchum and Hobbs, since they might be persuaded to help Red.

Then he says he has a safe and tells Red the combination. He follows that up with, “The safe is in St. Petersberg, in the wall on the second floor of…”at which point, the bomb explodes.

V: YEESH. That was brutal! But this was unique in that he didn’t just say goodbye, etc., and wait for the bomb to explode. He was in the middle of a sentence. Though why he took so long to reminisce about his marriage rather than spitting out the important info…well, you know.

LT: One would assume time is of the essence when wearing a bomb with an indeterminate amount of time left on the fuse, but this is tee vee, so caution to the wind, I guess.

V: They say never to make a combo a spouse’s birthday, Alan. You’re in Intelligence. You should know this.

But it was nice to see Alan get to play both sides here. The evil guy and the sweet, vulnerable man we know he can play so well. I like that at least with the end coming, they really fleshed out the character and made us care about him.

LT: It was nice to see AA again, but as much as this show likes to bring back those we thought we had lost, like Tom, once we see someone have his brains blown to smithereens, I think it’s safe to say he’s gone for good.

V: Yeah, when you see his brains become wallpaper, I’d say it’s a safe bet he’s not coming back.

LT: Red strolls into a room where Berlin is tied up. He orders his minions to untie Berlin, pours two shots of vodka, and they toast. Then two more shots. And two more, until they eventually drink the entire bottle. Berlin then starts talking about his childhood in Russia

berlin reminiscing

But instead of indulging his drunken reminiscences, Red takes out his gun and shoots him.

berlin dead

I’m surprised Red could operate his piece properly after all that hooch, but I guess holding his liquor like a champ is just another thing to add to the list of why Red is so awesome.

V: I also don’t think Red was drinking near as much as Berlin. As Berlin got drunker, he stopped paying attention.

LT: Liz is back at the boat when Red shows up. His bodyguard moved the body, and he’s working with Mr. Kaplan. He tells Liz she should have come to him, because she’s an idiot and shouldn’t ever consider trying to handle anything more complicated than her shoelaces by herself. He doesn’t say those exact words, but that’s what he means.

She says that they got valuable intel out of Tom, but he says it wasn’t worth it. She says she tried to kill him but couldn’t, and Red says that’s what love is. Being powerless. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, but he says “There’s nothing wrong with you”, as he puts his arms around her.

 red and lizzie hug

Eek! What to say about this? Interesting that it’s the second time this episode Red mentions Liz still loves Tom, and she didn’t answer him either time. And for a very brief second, when he went to embrace her, I thought Red might whip out his gun and ice Liz. I really thought, briefly, it was a possibility.

Didn’t happen.

V: At least she’s willing to admit that she was fooling herself that she was the one in control. I’m glad they didn’t make her entirely stupid, in that she’s in full realization Tom still has a hold over her.

Red knows that now Liz won’t dare even go to the bathroom without checking in with him. Plus, she’s totally opened up her weaknesses to him. Red is in complete control of her again, and that’s just the way he likes it.

LT: Getting a friendly embrace from Red isn’t always friendly. I didn’t think it would happen, but it did seem like a possibility, even just for a moment. Wouldn’t it have been shocking if the show went there? But, yeah, Red knows she’s putty in his hands.

 V: I know what you mean. Like The Godfather kiss.

LT: As Liz takes a taxi home, a newly free Tom walks into a bar. Dembe is there, and Red is in a booth. Tom sits across from him and asks, “Do you have it?”

tom and red meeting

Red puts an envelope on the table. First Zoe gets an envelope, and now Tom. I assume his contains similar items. I want an envelope from Red! I don’t want to have to go through all the crap required to get one, but if we can skip all that, I’d like just the envelope, please.

V: Well, yeah. It would mean you needed to disappear, because someone is trying to kill you.

LT: Tom picks it up, looks through it, and is apparently happy with what he sees. He goes to leave, and Red says “You are never to see her again.” Tom gives him a halfhearted response and gets up. Red doesn’t think that was emphatic enough, so he grabs Tom’s arm and repeats himself.

red's serious face

He’s so protective of little Lizzie, for reasons we still don’t know yet after a season and a half. Then Tom shocks us all by replying that even though Liz had him chained up on the boat for four months, “I never told her about us.”

So Tom was working with Red all along? That doesn’t fit with all we’ve seen so far, most notably the scene from last season where Tom and Red talked in the hospital and showed no signs of knowing each other, even though they were alone at the time.

V: Tom admitted to, I think it was Jolene, that he pretended not to recognize Red at the time, but he did. But I don’t think they were working together back then. We’re just left to wonder at what point they did hook up.

So that’s it until February! Lots of questions left unanswered. What about the guests at their wedding? Was Uncle George really a spy? And why was that one of Liz’s burning questions? She had Tom tied up for months and still never got a real answer to any of her questions that didn’t have to do with Berlin.

It’s anybody’s guess as to how soon twu wuv will prevail and Tom returns, so he can mess with Liz’s mind some more.

Looks like now the fulcrum will be the big mystery. That and how Elizabeth Keen manages to keep her job.

See you with more Blacklist reconvos in February!

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