Reconvo: The Blacklist S2 Episode 10 Luther Braxton II

by Veruca Salt and L.T. Milroy

What a crazy ride this episode was! Fun to watch but riddled with more holes than Swiss cheese.

For instance, I’m too confused to even go into the timing issues. It confuses me to even think about it. Are we in Juneau, are we in DC, and just how fast can choppers fly, anyway?

But, eh. Lots of fun, with Red being his usual badass self. If the plot can’t always hold water, that’s the price of admission. Don’t think about it too much.

LT: This ep picks up where the last left off, with The Factory ablaze. There are lots of fires burning after the missile strike, but the place is still very much standing.

 01 blown up

V: So, essentially the people whose job it is to destroy stuff, failed miserably. And these drones that can wipe out an entire city weren’t even able to take down the Factory? Those must have been some weak-ass drones. Did they just want to “shock and awe?”

LT: I haven’t seen so much firepower get so little result since the Moldavia wedding. (Yes, that’s a Dynasty reference.)

Ressler has gotten himself free and goes to help a struggling Samar, when he’s attacked by the Braxton henchman who’d been guarding them.

 02 guard

V: I guess Samar’s talk of being compassionate and how he’ll be rewarded for it, only extended as far as him helping out expendable guy with his footrest. Meanwhile, Ressler is like, “Hang on there and choke while I run over here for something!”

03 hang in there

LT: He fights off the henchman and gets Samar down then helps her out. I guess the third guy was truly expendable.


LT: Elsewhere in The Factory, we see Red amid the fire and wreckage.

04 red

At the FBI, Aram says all communication with The Factory has been knocked out.

05 aram

Cooper wants to run a search and rescue mission, but that beeotch Kat from the CIA says they’re not authorized to dispatch the Coast Guard, since technically, The Factory doesn’t exist.

V: Also, she might point out, one of the goals of the strike in the first place was to kill people. What if one of the survivors is Red, their main intended victim?

LT: He accuses her of covering her ass at the expense of his agents and hers, and she says if he calls for the mission, he’ll be relieved of his duties.

06 kat

V: Goodness, what duties would those be? Cooper’s b*lls have been cut off so many times, I’ve lost count.

LT: Ressler and Samar find Red, and Res asks where Liz is.

Red says Braxton took her, and that they have to get out of there, because the rig is sinking. If the missiles did what they were supposed to, the whole thing would be underwater by now, but then they wouldn’t have this valuable chatting time, would they? Ressler asks why Braxton took Liz, but Red doesn’t answer. Of course.

V: Whenever Red gives a direct answer to a direct person, you can expect that person to die. It’s that simple.

And yes, those drones had one small target surrounded by water. Somebody is so fired.

LT: Liz is on a chopper with Braxton. He tells her she has something in her head people are willing to die for. She says she doesn’t know anything, which is probably more true than he realizes.

V: I love how at first she’s all “Yay! I’m saved! Hey, where’s my peeps?” Then Braxton answers that he neither knows nor cares, and she gets all befuddled, which as you say, isn’t that far to go for her.

LT: The chopper lands at Green River Hospital in Juneau.

V:  Medical person: “You can’t land your chopper on our roof.”

Braxton: “Here’s my gun.”

Medical person: “Turns out you can.”

I love how Liz tries to say something, and one of the guys just puts his hand over her mouth.

08 hand over mouth

 I mean, why didn’t they dose her again when she woke up, so she wouldn’t be able to cry for help? This hand-over-the-mouth method seems crude at best.

LT: At the FBI, Aram says the FAA picked up an aircraft near The Factory, a Medivac chopper. He traces it to the Juneau hospital and thinks Braxton might be there.

V: Cooper tries to regain his dangly bits by ordering an attack unit to go there and says, “That incident you said didn’t occur just came to shore.” Donna, I mean Kat, looks all hurt and stuff.

09 hurt

But him insisting they get Luther’s mug shot to the hospital is moot at this point.

LT: When Aram picks up an SOS from The Factory, Coop tells Kat he’s calling for a search and rescue.

V: Whether she likes it or not! Hey, Coop! Way to assert your authoritay! And after all of Kat’s big talk, she just kind of juts out her chin and nods. Kat, you know, once people realize your threats are empty, they cease taking you seriously.

LT: Braxton has taken Liz to an undisclosed location. It’s probably in DC, but how they got there so fast, and quite literally under the radar, is anybody’s guess.

V: Why go to the hospital in Juneau…only to whisk her away from the hospital after nothing happened? Did I miss a step here? And no chryon to tell us we went someplace else?

Ressler communicates with the rescuers and says there are three of them right before the guard comes in to shoot them.

10 not so fast

But yeah, we just have three main characters and no expendables, so good ol’ 50K guard comes and takes out the guy.

11 50K guard

Gotta remember to keep fifty grand lying around in case I need to save my butt.

LT: One of Braxton’s goons is waterboarding Liz, but he says she knows nothing.

12 waterboard

See? Now everybody knows. He says if she knows anything about The Fulcrum, she’s repressed the memory.

V: Torture pron. My favorite thing! I can never see too much water boarding on my TV!

And he says the person who helped him forget a memory will help her remember. At first I thought he meant Red, and we were in for some Red-style revenge. Nobody puts LIZZY in the corner! But sadly, no.

LT: Braxton drops in on a doctor at her house, takes her young son hostage, and tells her to go with him.

13 the doc

She’s Dr. Orchard, and she helped him, ex-military and a combat veteran, forget a certain incident, and now he’s depending on her to make Liz remember.

V: Liz proves once again just what a crack spy she is when she points out PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR HER, and if they find her, they’ll find him. That Liz is so smart! For her troubles, they give her more pain. Was it worth it, Liz? Did you impart any info Braxton didn’t know already? Is he threatened in any way while you’re strapped to that table?

LT: As Braxton brings the doctor to Liz, his phone rings. He thinks it’s one of his minions, but it’s Red, who is sitting in a car in surprisingly good shape after getting out of the blown-up Factory.

 14 red makes a phone call

V: Gee, I don’t think anything about BELGRADE will figure into any of this, right? I mean, just because it’s mentioned in every Red/Braxton conversation, doesn’t mean it’s integral to the plot.

Gawd, I hope it’s integral to the plot. They wouldn’t go in circles like this if it weren’t, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, Braxton does some more psycho trash talk about some kid who ran point for Red he wound up stringing up by one of Red’s neckties. Good times! I love when old friends reminisce like this.

LT: As if seeing torture pron isn’t enough, we get to hear about it, too. Red trash-talks him back and says Braxton is a cheap punk in over his head, and he’ll mess up, sooner rather than later. That’s when he’ll say, “I told ya so.” Braxton says he’ll get what he wants from Liz and hangs up.

V: Braxton doesn’t seem to know what Red does to people who do stuff to his preciousssss. But Luther does break his phone in half at the end of the call, which I guess for this episode of Blacklist, people still use flip phones.

Though maybe they went old school so there was no GPS.

LT: Samar gets in the car and tells Red that per the FBI, he’s officially missing. He tells her they need to find any psychiatric doctors associated with Braxton, who he says will stop at nothing to get from Liz “a memory she has no memory of.”

V: Well, I guess that’s a tad more direct than Red usually is.

LT: David Straithern, who still has no name other than The Director, meets with his secret cabal.

15 the director

They discuss the unsuccessful missile strike. Dir. says the strike will be made public (on a place that doesn’t exist?) and blamed on the inmates. He assures the group he’ll have the Fulcrum shortly.

V: There’s still all of these weird close-ups and side-shots of people’s faces. It’s really weird.

16 weird close up

And I guessing they realize after the whole “destroy the Factory and everyone in it” went FUBAR, the news of the Factory will get out. So, I guess he left out the part about explaining there is a Factory in the first place.

Sigh. Just go back to Red. When he’s on my screen, I forget half of this stuff doesn’t make sense.

LT: I think the show is counting on that! Aram tells Cooper he’s found a doctor with a connection to Braxton. As he walks into Coop’s office, Aram sees Samar and Ressler waiting there. He’s surprised and delighted to see Samar and gives her a hug that goes on way too long.

17 aram hug

V: OMG, they really ramped up the awkward there. Dude, seriously, she’s a trained Massad assassin, and you’re a puppy dog. Stop trying to make you guys happen.

LT: He’s not a puppy, he’s a tenacious bulldog! He will make Massad woman his own, dammit!!

V: I also notice they seem to look like they were not bloody and tortured mere hours ago. And no crutches for Samar. Is it the drugs, or is she just that bad-ass?

LT: Yes, I noticed that that horribly-wounded, profusely-bleeding leg appears to be fine. Maybe there was an amazing, miracle-working doctor on that fast-moving chopper.

Then Aram gives a quick hug to Res, too. Hee! Aram’s attachment to Samar is sweet, but it brings up more timing issues. It would have taken a few hours for them to get back from Alaska. That whole time, Cooper never thought to inform Aram that their colleagues were alive and well?

Seems unprofessional, not to mention cruel, given how everyone must have noticed by now how Aram’s crushing on Samar. No way I believe Coop would be that mean or stupid, so we just have to accept what’s implied, that the agents got from Alaska to DC in a few minutes.

V: Considering Aram is at the hub of communications and has been feeding Cooper all of the pertinent information, it does seem odd they managed to get rescued, land, get cleaned up, transported back, AND enter the facility, all without Aram knowing about it. They could have had the same scene without the line about how he didn’t know she was okay. Something more like, “I’m so glad to see you. I was so worried!” See, writers?

What’s also hilarious is when Aram asks about Red, and Samar answers that he’s pursuing his own leads. Translation: The FBI still has absolutely no control over Red or what he does. And if he gets there before we do, everyone dies.

LT: Aram fills them in on Dr. Orchard, who was part of a team that discovered a gene that makes it possible to erase memories.

V: She’s affiliated with Walter Reed, so I guess they are in D.C. That’s just weird.

LT: The gene is called Tet1, and is used for memory extinction, where painful memories are replaced with positive ones. Yeah, that doesn’t sound too dangerous, and mayhem-inducing in the wrong hands. She once treated Braxton, a Gulf War vet, regarding a friendly fire incident. Cooper says to find Orchard.

V: I love when we already know the FBI will be spinning its wheels. There’s absolutely no suspense here, since we know Orchard has not only been found by Luther, but is now in his clutches. Sigh.

This doesn’t sound at all like a procedure that can be used in reverse. I can’t get Luther’s thinking here. He had a bad memory replaced with a fake, happy one. (I’m having Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TAHITI flashbacks right now). So how does he think the doc can revive a repressed memory?

LT: Because she’s magic!! I don’t know. Makes no sense. Ignore it.

Dr. Orchard prepares to give Liz an injection.

18 prepare for injection

She says she specializes in blocking trauma, so she’s not sure what complications might arise from trying to induce it. She’s going to take Liz back to the night of the fire twenty-six years ago, but Liz says she doesn’t want to, and the doctor doesn’t have to do this.

V: Seriously? Like she thinks either of them have a choice? The doc is just going to say, “OH, I figured Luther capturing me at gunpoint after he kidnapped my kid and you strapped to the table, meant we had some free will here. I’ll just go get my son and go home!”

Liz does have a panic attack and says she doesn’t want to go back. ‘

19 don't wanna go back

But the doc has already hit her up with the drugs and is about to perform the hypnotherapy. At least she apologizes.

LT: The FBI, at least one step behind, as always, is at Orchard’s empty house. They find out she didn’t show up for work, nor her son for school. Ressler says Braxton has her. Ya think?

V: NOTHING gets by this crack team!

LT: Orchard is doing hypnotherapy on Liz. She takes her back twenty-six years. Then she asks the little girl to open her eyes. This is the start of lots of dream-like stuff, as Liz returns to that fateful night. She’s a small girl, hiding in a closet. A man whose face we don’t see, just his hands, gives little Lizzie a bunny, and tells her to wait there. Then grown-up Liz is in the closet next to her.

20 big liz little lliz

Voices can be heard from outside.

V: Anything that starts off with a little kid hiding in the closet with her bunny, cannot be good.

LT: Red convenes a group of people, all of whom have business with Braxton and informs them their business relationship with him is over.

21 braxton's gang

Braxton is in over his head and will likely be contacting one of them for help. When he does, that person is to call Red. As Red’s leaving, some jerk pipes up and asks, “What’s in it for me?” Instead of shooting him, Red says, “Life.”

V: Funny, in my head I’d thought, “You get to live.” I’m thinking like Red now. Is that scary?

LT: As long as you’re not acting like him.

Surprise! The FBI is having no luck finding Braxton or Red. They’re informed that Braxton was seen in Anacostia (a neighborhood in DC, so apparently he was able to do the same time-thingie the agents did in zooming from AK to Washington), and Samar and Ressler go to canvass.

V: My favorite part is when Samar says that if Red had found a lead, he would have called and told them. SURE HE WOULD.

Meanwhile, I guess they haven’t forgotten the mysterious ailment Red had intimated to Cooper about. His doctor calls, and Cooper says he’ll be going to the doc’s office for the results.

LT: Back at the lab, Liz is convulsing.

22 convulsing

Orchard says there really should be an anesthesiologist present, but Braxton got no time for that, and reminds her about her son. She gives Liz another injection and asks her what she sees. Liz says “they’re shouting” then sits bolt upright and screams, “Where is she?” like she’s possessed. It’s like a bad Linda Blair impersonation.

V: I thought that was bizarre. Like, she was supposed to be the kid and the watcher of the kid. She wasn’t supposed to be every character there. It made no sense that she was somehow channeling another person.

LT: Back in dreamland, the bunny runs away, and little Liz chases it to the back of the closet, which turns into a Christmas tree lot. Big Liz laughs, and Orchard says it’s a tangent memory, trying to replace a bad memory with a good one.

23 christmas tree lot

V: Which again, was the original reason for her experiment.

LT: More dream stuff. Little Liz runs to a man, then is back in the closet again. Marsha is mentioned, and when big Liz asks little Liz who Marsha is, she says, “It’s you.” At one point, little Liz’s pet bunny turns into a stuffed one.

Big Liz tries to leave the closet, but little Liz tries to drag her back.

V: Did  you notice how the closet had slats, and those slats were OPEN? And that they weren’t even in the deep recesses of the closet, but right behind the door.

Anyway, big Liz manages to shake herself of little Liz, who goes screaming back to the closet. Big Liz walks down a hallway and to a window with a blowing curtain…

 24 down the hallway

LT: Then Liz starts convulsing again. Orchard administers another injection. Liz wakes and says, “My father was there.”

V: But she doesn’t just say it like normal. She gasps and gives these wide, horrified eyes as she says it.

25 horrified eyes

LT: One of Braxton’s associates calls on Red and says Braxton contacted him. When Red asks for the info, the guy clams up and gives Red wiring instructions to an offshore bank account. Seems he expects to be paid for his services. Red clarifies the urgency, but the guy wants to set a price.

V: Translation: the guy didn’t get the whole “life” message Red relayed earlier. But he will. Listen, buddy, you’re no prison guard. I think I saw Red’s eye twitch. I sense this won’t end pretty.

LT: On the street in Anacostia, Ressler tells Samar he got information that Braxton was seen with Wilson Bishop, a med student at Walter Reed Hospital, where Orchard works.

Liz is back from dreamland, and tells the doc that little Liz seems to have a secret. The doc says it’s her subconscious trying to block a memory. Liz says she doesn’t remember her parents, but knows her father gave her the scar on her arm.

Red wires the requested money and tells the guy to spill. He gives Red a card with an address. Red hands the card to Dembe (good to see you again, Dembe!), and proceeds to punch the guy in the face several times.

26 punch

That will hurt like hell for a few weeks, but I’m surprised Red didn’t cap the jerk.

V: Wow. The guy got off easy! Still, it’s weird. What I liked and didn’t like about this scene, was that they didn’t make it cartoon punches. In other words, showing it from a weird angle with an unrealistic sound effect. This was raw, brutal. It was actually harder for me to watch than Red shooting someone.

LT: What can I say? I like when Red shuts up someone annoying. Is that scary?

V: Yes.

LT: Orchard gets a call from Braxton, who tells her she has until nine o’clock to deliver, and he puts her son on briefly just to drive the point home. When she hangs up, Liz has apparently had a change of heart and tells the doctor she wants to go under again. She wants to find out once and for all what happened to her that night.

V: Ugh, seriously? Does she understand that once Braxton gets the info, he’ll kill her? Whatever.

LT: Braxton is in an old church, meeting with the Director.

27 old church

He says he’ll have the Fulcrum by nine o’clock, but the price has gone up, now that he’s had missiles fired at him, even if they were incompetent missiles.

V: The Director tries to go all “I am the mighty and powerful Oz” on Braxton, who remains unimpressed.

LT: After the meeting, Braxton’s talking on the phone as he’s leaving, and we can see he’s being followed.

V: I think his “drill a hole in her skull and hang her upside down” method might not be the best one for extracting information. But maybe that’s just me.

LT: He gets to his car to find Red there. Dembe puts a gun to Braxton’s head, as Red delivers the line of the episode and probably the season:

“I never thought that I’d enjoy having anything in my mouth as much as Petty Officer Virginia Sherman. But this, my God, it tastes so good! I hesitate to swallow, and I certainly don’t want to spit it out!”

28 red

Ah, the poetry of Red! The man knows how to celebrate.

V: I like how he says, “Oh, what the hell? I told ya so.” See, when Red makes a promise he’ll get a chance to say those words, he freaking means it. That’s the point where you start bowing and scraping and asking what you can do for him.

LT: He asks where Liz is. Braxton says he doesn’t know. Belgrade comes up again, and Red claims he doesn’t really remember much about it…but this, he’ll remember. Dembe shoves Braxton in the car.

Big Liz is under again, and she and little Liz are back in the closet. She says a man and woman are arguing about the Fulcrum. Braxton’s goon starts recording on his cell phone.

29 henchman filming

Ressler and Samar track down Bishop, and Res roughs him up a bit.

30 ressler roughs him up

He says he knows he sold Braxton drugs. Bishop fesses up as cops search his bag.

V: I like how when Res and Samar enter the store and say his name, he just gets up and tries to calmly walk away. He doesn’t even say, “Oh, I’ll go in the back and get him.” Like if he just isn’t sitting there, they’ll forget about him.

LT: Red and Dembe raid wherever it is Liz is being held and take out the remaining goons. Red must have had fun getting the intel out of Braxton. Given that we saw how well the big guy withstood torture, I don’t even want to think about the method Red employed.

V: I’m just glad I wasn’t witness to it.

LT: Ditto. He asks if Liz is okay then calls Ressler to let him know.

V: HAHA. Res is so proud of himself that he got Liz’s location. Meanwhile, Red is like, uh, yeah, dude, I’ve got that under control. My guys are watching over the doctor’s son. Go take care of that instead. Know why? BECAUSE RED REDDINGTON IS THE BOSS OF YOU. That’s why.

LT: Red unstraps Liz and asks Orchard what happened. She says pieces of memory came back, and Red asks what pieces. When told the Fulcrum was mentioned, Red asks if they continue, would it be dangerous to Liz? Orchard says not if done properly. Liz is put back under.

V: I would imagine after seeing Red in action, she’ll do it properly.

LT: Red asks where the Fulcrum is. Liz struggles with flashbacks.

V: Red is trying to not let her see what I guess is the murder of her parents taking place, since there is a blurry struggle in the background. He tries to make her only focus on the Fulcrum. He forces her to go back to the closet as what sounds like a gun goes off.

In the closet, big Liz holds little Liz as smoke enters the closet through the giant, open slats.

31 smoke

LT: Big Liz tells her to scream, which she does. Someone takes her from the closet as the fire rages.

V: I love how big Liz says, “You have to…ARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!” like right in Little Liz’s face, until she screams, too.

 32 scream

I’m assuming the shadowy figure who took big Liz out of the closet is Red.

LT: At that point, the FBI finally gets around to arriving, and Ressler gets all pissy. He tells Red to wake Liz up. Orchard disagrees.

V: Orchard keeps saying it’s not safe as Ressler keeps telling her to wake up Liz. What part of “It’s not safe” doesn’t he understand?  Then they keep watching her as if she’s a bright, shiny object. All with their mouths hanging open. Red in particular gets real in her face.

34 everyone watching

LT: Little Liz calls for her daddy as she holds the stuffed bunny we’ve seen in a few of the earlier episodes as one of the only remnants she has from her childhood.

V: In the dream and in the chair, Liz just holds up her arms and moves them around a bit.

33 hands

This goes on for a really long time as everyone stares at her.

36 everyone watching 2

Then the burn scar she says her father gave her magically appears.

 35 the mark

LT: Liz awakens. She sees Red beside her and says, “You were there.”

V: Haven’t we already established that, though? But I guess not.

LT: As Liz is checked by a doctor, she asks Red if he was there, and he says yes.

V: Did you not get how momentous this was? Liz asked a direct question, and Red answered it. WOW. Does that mean she dies now? She also says it was a group of people looking for the Fulcrum, and he was only one of them. Hmmm…

LT: Then Liz starts realizing her special snowflake status is in question as she says the whole reason why Red was there then and is here now, is the Fulcrum. She remembers her father lying on the floor of the burning house. He died because of what Red and his people wanted.

Then she gets all self-pitying and sends Red packing for the hundredth time. He never cared about her, just about finding the Fulcrum, she says, and this charade of him pretending to care about her is over.

38 self pitying

She doesn’t know where the Fulcrum is, so this is all a waste of time. Red offers her a hand, but she refuses it and Ressler gets her out of there.

40 ressler helps her out

V: OMG. AGAIN? She really places a huge amount of importance on being Psycho Daddy’s favorite. Get your stuff together, Keen. For real.

And she doesn’t just refuse his help. He tenderly goes to take her arm, and she yells, “DON’T!”

39 lend a hand

LT: LT: Is Red anyone to Liz, other than someone who badly wants the Fulcrum? Maybe she’s really not so extra-special after all.

V: I’m guessing the little snowflake is indeed speshul. We’ve seen the way Red deals with people when he just wants something. He takes it by torture and force. He would have done something along the lines of what Braxton did only be more successfully, of course. And the way he looks like he wants to tear off the face of anyone who even talks about hurting her. Let’s hope we find out sooner rather than later.

LT: It’s a happy scene as Orchard is reunited with her son. Red just stands there.

41 little boy

V: Red looks gobsmacked as she leaves. You rarely see him look that way, but you’d think with how many times Liz has thrown this particular tantrum, he would toss it off.

 42 gobsmacked

LT: The Director walks into his house, talking on the phone. He says he’ll be meeting Braxton within the hour. He sees a shoe on the floor, then the rather large body of Braxton, hanging from the ceiling.

Red is there, of course, and tells him to sit. The Director says he’s not someone to be trifled with.

43 hanging out

V: I love how he pulled the “Do you have any idea who I am?” card with Red like he did with Braxton. Dude, nobody is impressed with your title. These are PSYCHOS. Sit your ass down and be glad Red didn’t kill you the moment you entered the room.

OMG. Right after I typed that, Red said, “Sit the hell down.” I am turning into Red. Gulp.

LT: You don’t even enjoy torture pron, so you’ll never be Red. He says he isn’t to be trifled with, either. Then he points out the large human hanging across the room and says he returned Braxton to “make it abundantly clear that you should never again doubt who I am and what I have.”

V: I love how Red keeps calling Braxton “a simple thief,” because it seems he’s more insulted The Director didn’t send a worthy adversary than anything else.

LT: The Director calls Red a thug and says he’s not as impressed with him as his colleagues.

V: I think Red understates it when he tells The Director he has no idea just how vulnerable he is and that only the one who possesses the Fulcrum can fathom that.

LT: The Director also says Red doesn’t have the Fulcrum, and Red says to call his bluff.

V: He even says, “Please, call my bluff.” Red is one cool mothereffer. You totally know he doesn’t have it, but he’s playing his hand like he’s holding four aces.

Meanwhile, Braxton is just hanging around.

44 hanging around 2

LT: Then he leaves without icing the Dir, which I thought he would. So, unlike Ron Perlman, apparently David Straithern will be back.

V: It’s a strategic move. He’s trying to make Director another Fitch, I would imagine. Someone in a position of power he can control with his perceived possession of The Fulcrum.

He even laughs about how Director won’t be able to do anything with Braxton, since he’s like a side of beef.

LT: Samar and Aram are talking, when Res walks in and turns on the TV.

V: Did it look to you like they were going to kiss?

45 almost kiss

LT: I don’t think Aram is going to get that lucky. It’s Kat on TV, talking about an attempted takeover of a US detention center on Norton Sound, linked to the transfer of Red. In an undisclosed location, Red sips a drink as he watches the report. Kat says Red’s whereabouts are unknown.

V: Even when they’re supposedly known, they’re unknown.


Rut roh. Coop is at the doc with his wife, and they don’t look happy.

 46 unhappy coop

LT: I totally forgot about the whole Coop medical condition thing. Like they don’t have enough loose threads hanging around this show.

V: Liz goes back to her meager box of childhood stuff and pulls out a picture of her as a young girl with her surrogate dad, William Sadler.

47 sadler

The one Red killed. Yeah, Red killed her surrogate dad, and she still went simpering back to him, so this is a small bump in the road.

LT: As she goes through the stuff, there’s a flashback of Lizzie meeting with Orchard, who has some unsettling news.

48 unsettling news

She says she noticed something when Liz was under. She doesn’t think she’s the first to mess with Liz’s psyche. She thinks someone may have tried to block her memory of the fire and that the same people may have been there but in different roles. Liz asks if she’ll ever know what happened that night, and the doc says it looks like the only ones who could tell her are the ones who want her to forget.

Liz continues to go through a box of her old things, including that stuffed bunny.

49 bunny

She notices some unusual stitching.

50 weird stitching


She inspects it and tears the bunny open to find a tiny box with something inside that I couldn’t figure out, but I’ll take a wild guess and say it has at least something to do with the Fulcrum.

 51 the fulcrum

V: From her EUREKA face, I’m going with yes.

So, that’s it. Not much was answered. We still don’t know who Red is to Liz or what happened that night, twenty-six years ago. But it looks like Liz now knows where the Fulcrum is. Will she tell her ex BFF/Daddy Figure about it?

And it looks like Red got himself a new Squishy named Director, who I’m sure will be taught who’s boss very soon.


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