Reconvo: Blacklist S2 Ep. 11: Ruslan Denisov


Veruca Salt and L.T. Milroy

 We’re traversing the globe this week, to Uzbekistan. Or as Herman Cain so wisely and memorably once referred to it, Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan. With smarts like that, he could be a top FBI agent on this show.

Seriously, every episode the FBI blunders just a little bit more, and this week is no exception. Not only are our agents running around blissfully clueless much of the time, they prove it with statements that are sometimes comical in their obtuseness. Captain Obvious has nothing on agents Keen and Ressler.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Their talents are on full display this week, as they’re led around by the nose by Mr. Reddington.

LT: We open at a church in an Uzbekistan village. Mass is underway, which is interrupted by a bunch of masked gunmen. They grab the priest, who asks for mercy by saying he’s a simple servant of God. But the gunmen don’t agree. One of them tosses him what looks like a satellite phone and says “talk to your God.”

01 ruslan

The priest makes a call, says his name is Burke, gives a code number, and says, “We have a situation.”

 02 situation

V: Ya think? Also, they put a gun to a woman’s head, so that might have given Burke extra incentive. Plus the knife to his throat.

LT: A Detective Wilcox is at the house of a Susan Ames, who says her husband, Eugene, is missing.

03 husband missing

He’s a harbormaster and told her a story of his confronting a trespasser on a boat, and how she was an FBI agent. Uh oh, looks like Lizzie’s little Tom tableaux is finally coming to light. Susan gives Wilcox the business card Liz gave to Eugene. Smart move, Liz, identifying yourself, and leaving proof behind. It seemed incredibly stupid at the time, and moreso now. Shouldn’t super-secret agents like Liz have fake cards just for occasions such as this?

V: I wish I could say I’m surprised by Liz’s stupidity, but at this point, she’s a one-woman keystone cop movie. It’s one thing to keep telling and not showing. It’s another when everyone talks about how amazing someone is at their job, only for them to make an enormous amount of stupid moves. I’m blown away by how she not only keeps her job but is known as one of the best.

Show, if you want me to believe Liz is awesome, make her awesome. Showing me how inept she is week after week is not helping your case. Perhaps there’s a writer who hates her?

Looks like Wilcox is bound and determined to get his man…errr…woman.

04 wilcox

LT: Liz shows the box thingie she excavated out of her stuffed bunny to Aram and asks him to figure out what it is. As they’re discussing it, Red walks in, and Aram makes himself scarce. Red scolds Liz for not answering her phone and tells her they have a new case. But she’s still mad at Red, because she thinks she’s no longer his special snowflake and snippily tells him to talk to Cooper if he needs something, ‘cause she ain’t playing with him anymore. Then she whines that he doesn’t like her for her, he just wants the Fulcrum, wah wah wah, and she’ll only talk about work. Is that supposed to be a punishment?

V: Uh, Liz? He didn’t walk in with chocolate chip cookies. The only words out of his mouth were that there was a new case. YOU were the one who threw herself to the floor and pounded the ground and cried about him not giving you enough hugs. Get a grip. For real.

LT: Red gives her a newspaper article about the kidnapped priest.

05 newspaper article

Only he’s not a priest, he’s a CIA agent. The kidnapper is an associate of Red’s, Ruslan Denisov, the commander of a band of the S.R.U., separatists for a free Uzbekistan.

He uses ransom money to fund his cause. Red says he’s found Denisov to be useful in the past, but he’s become “completely unreasonable.” Also, the CIA uses religious figures as spies, despite it being frowned upon by every president since Ford, not to mention official CIA policy.

V: I wonder if Abduction Mogul is on his office door or whatever. It has a nice ring to it. This is the way he expresses his passion for politics and funds his band of little elves. He kidnaps senior executives of foreign corporations and holds them for ransom for prices “far above market standard.” Unfortunately for one such executive, his company won’t pay for his head, so he gets shot in it. Thanks, Blacklist, for that image.

06 shot

But bad news for ol’ Ruslan. He’s gotten out of hand. He’s breaking promises and is more trouble than he’s worth for our Red. I guess we know what that means.

Liz is under the same impression. Burke gets rescued, and Red gets rid of that nasty thorn in his side. Liz, if Red wants to get rid of someone, he can do just fine all by himself. Anyway, Red tells Liz to be careful (yeah, right), because the CIA will do whatever it takes to keep this quiet.

LT: The agents are filled in on the case. Samar (who’s looking remarkably well after getting shot in the leg and almost hanged in the last episode) wonders why Denisov is now kidnapping a CIA agent instead of a businessman.

07 samar

Ressler says to ask Denisov when they see him and says since the CIA knows they’re breaking the law, there must be something big happening over there.

V: Wow. This guy is GOOD. I’m so glad guys like Ressler are on my side.

LT: I don’t know, I think sleeping with one eye open is a good policy if Liz and Res are in charge.

Cooper meets with the CIA along with the Deputy Attorney General, but they’re being tight-lipped about this whole thing.

08 cia tight lipped

Cooper says he thinks he has an informant who can get the priest/agent back safely.

V: CIA dude is like, “He’s totally NOT our guy but let’s say in an alternate universe he WAS, we’d prefer to handle it ourselves.”

The DPA, who has more clout than Coop, implies that the situation with an American citizen held captive on foreign soil is under the FBI jurisdiction, so if CIA dude wants to admit Burke is their guy, well, they’re included in the operation. If not, buh bye.

09 AG

CIA dude doesn’t say anything and doesn’t know to be frightened when DPA tells Coop he’s in charge of the operation.

LT: Lizzie and Ressler are in Uzbekistan. They meet with a military commander, Kushon, and have a pissing contest about who’s in charge.

10 kushon

Military guy wins this round, lays down the rules and takes their guns.

V: I think they had another operation where they were forced to hand over their guns. It didn’t go well. Red doesn’t need a weapon. He is one. Laurel and Hardy need their weapons.

LT: Liz tells Res she thinks they’re being watched.

V: Ressler also spots a guy. The hilarious thing about it is that the guy watching him is about three feet away and just staring. He doesn’t care if the FBI’s finest know they’re being watched.

 11 guy watching

LT: It was funny that Liz kind of furtively whispered that she thinks they’re being watched, when the guard guys are flat-out gawking at them.

V: What’s funnier is that she spotted the guy in the car, not the one shooting laser eyes at them from spitting distance.

Ressler, still showing off his keen skills, notices the guy is not government, because he’s wearing a Hugo Boss suit. Wow. Ressler. Your mind is so…big.

LT: Just not big enough to avoid getting taken hostage on a regular basis. When they get to their hotel, who’s there but Red, telling one of his longwinded stories to some guys the bar.

12 red at hote

V: They seem to be enjoying his stories just as much as we do.

15 guys red talks to

LT: He stops when he sees Liz and goes over to her to say he’s there to help.

13 red talking

V: Liz asks who the guys were. Red deflects. Nobody presses the issue. These agents are the BEST.

LT: Then he tells them to get ready for dinner. I assume Red knows all the best places to eat everywhere, so I’d be highly receptive to dining with him in a strange city, but Liz is still miffed at him and turns down the invitation. Whatever, little snowflake. Can I go in your place?

Ressler noticed Lizzie’s frosty treatment of Red. Once they’re in the elevator, he asks her if they had a lover’s quarrel. Hee!

14 ressler lover's quarrel

Liz just answers that she doesn’t trust Red, then the power goes out, and the elevator stops moving. A panel in back of the elevator opens, and some of Denisov’s goons grab Liz and Res.

V: This makes me laugh. Ressler. Bad-ass.

16 bad-ass ressler

V: It’s like this show is its own worst enemy. I think we can better count in how many episodes one or both of them doesn’t get kidnapped.

LT: But it turns out, our agents are not in danger, for once. Denisov just wants to give them a little tour of his secret lair. He shows them the cages where he keeps the hostages.

 17 cages

V: My favorite part:

Denisov: “I took Agent Burke for another reason completely.”

Res: “Agent Burke? That’s his name?”

LT: A few more moments like that, and he’ll nudge out Lizzie for Most Awesome FBI Agent Ever.

Then Denisov tells the story of a pipeline built many years ago in his country, which is now leaking and has contaminated the water supply, sickening and killing hundreds. It’s run by an American company, Anneca Oil, which says the water is fine and refuses to do anything. Burke, the faux priest, is part of a CIA presence to protect American interests.

Denisov takes them into another room where he’s holding an Anneca exec named Hanover in a vat of the supposedly not-contaminated water. Hanover has welts all over his body.

18 welts

Denisov releases Hanover and says the negotiations for Burke will begin the next day.

V: Those welts were disgusting.

So Liz says they have to find the compound where she and Ressler were (they were taken there with lovely hoods over their heads), but Aram says the army can’t even find it. Oh, then our ragtag team shouldn’t even try. Though maybe with Aram on it, but still…

Aram doesn’t know when Hanover was taken, because the company never reported him missing. So, I’m guessing he doesn’t have any family, either. They tried to handle it privately, and we can see how that turned out. It’s no surprise the company isn’t running to the media to announce about their contaminated water.

The quotes keep getting better:

Liz: “I’ll tell you one thing. Whatever it was eating at Hanover’s flesh? It wasn’t just water.”

Our Lizzy. Smart as a whip.

LT: A doctor tells Liz and Ressler that Hanover is expected to survive.

19 doctor

His skin was burned with a chemical associated with oil development. As the doc leaves, a smarmy Anneca exec named Walker tells the agents that his company has nothing to hide. He says Denisov is responsible for the leak. He and his minions sabotaged the pipeline.

20 smarmy

V: Yes. Oil execs are known for their honesty. I’m sure that’s what happened. Especially since he’s the guy Ressler spotted at the airport. I don’t know why he’s surprised. They looked each other in the eye.

So this guy should join the FBI, because he thought he could lie to Ressler about how he just flew in right away when he heard about Hanover, when really he’s been there for three weeks.

And yeah, I’m sure he’s also not lying when he says the family wanted it handled privately. Though I agree they wouldn’t have wanted the FBI involved in helping.

LT: The ill-tempered Kushon is pissed again, this time because Liz and Res spoke with Denisov.

 21 angry kushon

V: Why didn’t Liz point out they were kidnapped with bags put over their heads? They didn’t run to Denisov. This could be a valid point.

LT: Which is probably why it didn’t occur to Little Snowflake or Hostage Bait. Liz says they can talk with whomever they want, but the commander says he could have them arrested. Ressler says they’re doing a terrible job.

V: He would know.

LT: Denisov has been abducting people for over a year now. That’s not the way to get the locals on your side, buddy. Of course, the commander gets even more pissy and says the agents will be held at the hotel under military guard.

V: That’s our Ressler. Opening up his mouth and pissing off people around the world. Why do they keep sending him places, only for him to piss off whoever is in charge and make the situation worse? And will someone tell me why they make the FBI agents so stupid?

LT: Red is sitting at the bar with Ressler.

 22 red and ress

V: Ressler’s new friend watches the proceedings.

23 guard

Red eyes the military guard and basically says what I just did. That Ressler has a knack for pissing people off. Then he says, “I’m impressed. Not with you.” He’s impressed with Denisov as a man of the people. Ressler pegs him as a psychopath as he sits and has a drink with one, but whatever.

LT: Red says Liz is late, and Res tells him Liz is having dinner in her room. Then he asks Red if he’s “in the doghouse,” and Red, predictably, doesn’t answer.

V: And they always accept his non-answers.

LT: Always. That’s why they’re the best.

Red just says Lizzie will miss some excellent baklava. He adds that their next meeting with Denisov is the next morning. Red says he’ll attend as well, but Ressler says it’s covered. Red doesn’t say anything, but Res must know by now that he’s not in the habit of taking no for an answer.

V: Yeah. I don’t know why they bother telling Red ‘no’ about anything.

LT: Liz and Ressler get around that no-leaving-the-hotel thing by getting in the magic elevator and pulling the emergency stop.

 24 magical elevator

V: Soooo…that omnipresent military guard doesn’t bother to board the elevator with them, even though the last time they were absconded with, that’s how they were removed? Okay, fine. I guess to make the FBI look good, they had to dumb everyone else down as well.

LT: The panel opens, and they’re taken to Denisov. Liz tells him the FBI spoke to Anneca, and the company wants to fix things. Suuuure it does. Big companies are notorious for how meticulous they are about sparing no expense to clean up their own messes. But Denisov says he has a professional to negotiate the deal. I wonder who that could be? Right on cue, Red strolls in and introduces himself to Liz and Res like he’s never met them.

25 Nice to meet you

V: Liz, the profiler, the one who’s cool under pressure and never gives anything away, looks like a deer in headlights. Our sweet Lizzy. She’s the best. At least, that’s what they keep telling me.

 26 deer in headlights

LT: Cooper meets with Heyworth, the CIA guy, and tells them they’ve located Burke and Denisov.

V: HAHAHA. Okay, so they’re basing it on Liz and Ressler’s estimation of drive time and the terrain. They know Uzbekistan that well? Righty-o.

LT: Heyworth wants to send in a black ops team, but Cooper gets him to agree to hold off.

V: DPA talks of their informant, and apparently Cooper knows he’s “Right in the center of this one” but I guess he failed to mention it to Res and Liz.

LT: Red assures Denisov that he’ll negotiate everything he wants. Liz says she can’t believe he’s working for the other side, but Red says there are no sides, only players.

V: Liz, the profiler, has forgotten how Red loves people who are passionate about the environment. He’d loved that cult guy, until he found out the guy had gone crazypants. Liz has got to do something about her short-term memory.

And I guess Red also has to brush up on what “only discuss the case” means, because he uses that as his excuse for not telling Liz he was part of the negotiation. No, see, that’s part of the case, Red. Having a birthday party and not inviting Liz, would be in line with this clause.

LT: Then Red suggests a field trip. Denisov takes them to a village and tells them how the pipeline has contaminated everything.They go to a hospital packed with cancer patients.

27 patient

Red says Anneca considers them not worth the cost of doing business responsibly. When Res brings up Anneca’s theory that Denisov was the one who sabotaged the water, Denisov says his brother was one of the victims. He died of benzene poisoning the previous year.

Liz, obviously affected by what she’s seen, says no one knows what’s happening because Anneca spends lots of loot on lobbyists to keep it all quiet. She suggests getting the State Department involved to apply pressure and clean up the mess, and Red says he can get Burke released. He reiterates the bit about sides and players.

Even though she’s halfway around the world, Liz still can’t escape those mundane problems of home. She gets a call from Detective Wilcox. He asks about the harbormaster. He’s looked into the story about her looking for fugitives on the boat and can’t corroborate it. Liz says it was a cover. He asks for details, and she says no way buddy, secret FBI stuff, and hangs up. I don’t think this is going to be that easy to brush off, hon…

V: But she’s SUPER LIZZY. The bestests, most awesomest FBI agent in the universe. Plus, deus ex machina, Red Reddington. If she can pull her head out of her whiny butt for five seconds, she can ask him to get her out of it.

Cold-hearted Liz isn’t even moved when she finds out Eugene was married thirty-two years.

LT: Liz has apparently given in to Red’s charms and is eating with him.

28 dinner with red

V: I am so shocked. That never happens. Stick-to-Yer-Guns Lizzy-Liz would never compromise when it comes to Red.

LT: She wants to talk about the case, but all he wants to discuss is baklava and the tango. As he waxes on, we see scenes of the CIA raid on Denisov’s compound that wasn’t supposed to happen. Kushon is told none of the hostages are there.

29 kushon nobody there

V: Hmmm…I wonder who could have tipped them off a raid was coming…

Red finishes equating the tango with negotiation and gets a startled look on his face as he sees someone. Liz asks what’s wrong, and Red says, “Everything.”

30 everything is wrong

When Red looks upset, start worrying.

LT: Later, in her room, Liz talks to Cooper, who is livid to find out that Heyworth violated the stand-down order.

V: I totally didn’t think this would happen, because when The Coop speaks, people listen. Anyway, Liz was apparently hip to the dude in the restaurant who spooked Red, as she talks about him wanting to be seen. He was CIA.

LT: Red knocks on the door. He takes the phone, and informs Coop that Burke and the other hostages were moved before the raid.

 31 pissed off red

V: Wow. Didn’t see that coming. I love how he calls Coop out for being stupid enough to spill the location of the compound to the very people Red specifically said he couldn’t trust.

LT: Cooper says he’ll deal with Heyworth, but Red says that’s now the least of his problems: Denisov lost a dozen of his men in the raid, and he’s quite ticked off right about now. He may no longer trust Red, and Red certainly doesn’t trust the FBI. It seems like everyone’s unhappy. What to do?

Red tracks down Denisov, who is unloading the bodies of his fallen lackeys from a truck.

32 unloading lackeys


Red reminds Denisov that it was he who tipped Denisov off to move the prisoners, thus protecting his assets, but the big guy is still angry.

V: Yeah, since he kills one of the guys Kushov left behind. Why he waited for Red to be there to do it, I have no idea. Red hopes that makes him feel better. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

LT: Denisov puts a gun to Burke’s head and says it’s the CIA’s fault that he has to die.

33 burke

Then Red recalls Reykjavik ’72 and the World Chess Championship and Spassky and Fischer, and he waxes on and on about it, but his point is, Spassky sacrificed his Bishop because he had no end game, and neither does Denisov.

He says Denisov can’t kill Burke without repercussions. Killing a CEO is one thing; killing a CIA agent with the U.S. government coming down on him is another. Denisov still seems ready to pull the trigger, so Red tells Burke that even though Denisov thinks the problem started when he became aware of it, Burke needs to tell them about Zhabin.

Burke protests about CIA secrets and blabbity blah, but Red says talk about Zhabin or he’ll pull the damn trigger himself. Burke says Zhabin was a corrupt cabinet minister in the old Soviet regime. He gave Anneca the pipeline rights in the late 70s. In the years since he’s become a reclusive religious zealot.

V: Well, it’s nice that we not only see the scars on Zhabin’s back from self-flagellation, but we actually get to see him self-flagellate, as well. I guess Fifty Shades is rubbing off on all of the shows.

 34 whip

And we can kick up that “possibly” insane to a “definitely.”

LT: Zhabin goes to confession, but that’s no priest in the next booth, it’s Red, who reveals himself, and Denisov grabs Zhabin. Red wants the details of how Zhabin gave the pipeline rights to Anneca and for how much. Zhabin won’t talk.

35 red the priest

V: Yeah, see, though he likes a little whip action, Zhabin wants absolution in his next life, not prison in this one. Looks like he’s got some nice digs. I don’t blame him.

LT: Denisov takes him over to a container of holy water (I’m sure there’s an official name for the vessel, but I don’t know it) and holds his face under.

36 dunk


I remember reading once where these church holy water containers are all basically filthy and all have traces of fecal matter, so Zhabin is pretty much getting his face shoved in toilet water. That’s no fun all by itself, even without the almost-drowning angle. Red makes a remark about how the US government refuses to consider this torture, and would Zhabin agree?

V: Zhabin must be crazy, because with a gleam in his eye he says they didn’t just poison his countrymen, but killed hundreds of them. Dude, just give the vital stats he asked for and STFU.

LT: Liz confides in Ressler about the trouble it looks like she’s in over the harbormaster thing.

V: Ressler wants to know why Tom would kill the guy who was trying to rescue him, and Liz has to remind him of her Speshul Snowflake status and how Tommy was rescuing her. Because yes, of course he wuvs her.

Anyway, Ressler is concerned about the witness to the murder who was guarding Tom when she wasn’t there. Liz gets an “OH CRAP” look on her face…

LT: Cut to Det. Wilcox speaking to Samuel, Tom’s huge guard guy. Uh oh, this can’t be good for our little Lizzie.

 37 flunky

Red calls Liz and tells her negotiations are resuming and to bring the smarmy Anneca guy. The holy-waterboarding of Zhabin apparently paid off.

V: It’s a MIRACLE!

When Liz points out the now beefed-up military guard surrounding them and how she might not be able to make it to the meeting. Red says he’s going to “have a chat” with Kushon, so I’m sure this will be friendly.

Meanwhile, Wilcox sweats the big guy, Sam. Yes, Sam’s name is listed as the official custodian of that ship. I just…I just can’t.

LT: It’s such a brainy move, it must have come from the FBI.

V: I guess Wilcox is the only one on the show who can do a competent job, without killing every other person. Zebra mussels. Wilcox says that a few times. He knows Sam was there, because he refused the shellfish inspector. Apparently that’s really a thing.

LT: In a big room, Red, Liz, Ressler and Zhabin meet with Walker, the sleazy Anneca exec.

37 big room

Walker is uncooperative and says the meeting is pointless because Zhabin is not mentally fit.

38 annaca guy

Red proceeds to tell the story of how the Anneca pipeline was actually the second one. They built the first one in 1988, and it was even worse than the current one. It wiped out entire villages.

Walker scoffs and says there’s only been one pipeline. But Zhabin’s memory is pretty good, and he says he knows the Berlin Wall was still standing when the first pipeline was built. He also remembers Anneca paying him off to cover up the whole thing after the Soviet Union fell. Walker still denies everything but fortunately, Zhabin saved all of the original paperwork and can prove the existence of the first pipeline.

Liz says Walker and the other sleazy execs should be prosecuted. Walker starts talking reparations, but Red says the Uzbeki people want Anneca gone.

V: Then Red says Zhabin told Denisov where the first pipeline victims are buried, and Red can stop him from going there if they have a deal. Annaca guy asks for some water, and Red Erin-Brokoviches him by offering up the village water.

 39 village water

LT: That was awesome! He looked sufficiently horrified.

V: He has twenty-four hours to decide, then they go public.

LT: Walker, wisely, doesn’t call Red’s bluff. The next we see him, he’s holding a press conference announcing that Anneca will cease pipeline operations.

41 press conference

Ressler gets a text with information on where Burke will be released.

V: Kushon, not accompanied by any of his men, walks into a stairwell. Alone. Where Red just happens to be waiting with Dembe.

 41 kushon and dembe

Red says he’s heard nothing but terrible things about Kushon. Welcome to your friendly chat, Kushie.

LT: Liz and Res go to the drop point where they’re supposed to meet Burke. But Heyworth, that asshole, is getting in the way again. He has CIA snipers waiting for the transaction to take place with orders to kill Denisov and take Red into custody as soon as the handover of Burke is complete.

Burke gets out of Red’s car and Liz welcomes him back as the snipers get ready.

42 sniper

But just as Heyworth is about to give the order, right on cue, an extremely pissed-off Cooper charges into his office, raging about how he’s going to go to the Attorney General and spill his guts.

45 pissed cooper

This time, Heyworth sees the value of a stand-down.

V: What was funny about that, was Cooper had no idea what was about to go down. He was still tripping over the whole black ops stand-down.

LT: Hey, timing is everything! Sometimes even more important than knowing what’s going on.

With the fun and games all over with, Denisov fears for his safety and asks Red to get him out of the country. But Red won’t. He says that Denisov might have a little trouble right now, but after he’s gone to jail, he’ll emerge a folk hero for Uzbekistan. He might even run the country some day.

And that jerkface Kushon who kept getting in the FBI’s way and is also Denisov’s enemy? Red and Dembe took care of that for him. Red indicates a crate in front of them, which he says is a gift for Denisov. A dead gift, presumably.

46 kushon the gift

V: I’m not so sure. I think I might have heard sounds coming from the box. Then Denisov yells to Kushon as he pounds on the box. I don’t see holes in the box, but I’m assuming some provisions have been made to keep him breathing.

LT: While Lizzie packs, she sees a TV report about a French oil company named Savillion. It’s cut a deal with the Uzbekistan government for a new, billion-dollar pipeline. Liz heads down to the bar to find Red there with the same guy she saw him with when she arrived.

47 savillon

He’s Claude, the Sr. VP of Savillion. Liz, sharp G-woman that she is, asks Red if this was why he wanted Anneca out of the way.

V: Okay, at some point…AT SOME POINT…Liz has to stop being surprised that Red is working an angle and stop throwing tantrums about it.

LT: Red just says that the evil Anneca shuts down, the victims are compensated, and a new company moves in to build a brand new, safe, state-of-the-art pipeline. Everyone wins. Including him, no doubt. Liz says he gets a kickback, but he just says Vive le France. He just thinks it’s awesome that everything turned out so peachy.

V: Why does she even bother asking Red a question? Maybe she’ll figure that out someday, as well.

LT: Back home at the FBI, Aram tells Liz that the box she gave him looks like a beta technology recording device from the late eighties. Does it play Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians? ‘Cause that’s one of my favorite things from the late eighties. Am I the only one who remembers Little Miss S in her mini-dress? Probably.

V: Definitely. Ummm…for me Soul II Soul.

LT: Other than that pertinent info, Aram has no idea how the box works or what it does. Liz makes him promise that he won’t mention any of this to Red. Yeah, keeping secrets from Red. That’ll work.

V: Yes. And I think the last time Aram was told not to breathe a word about something to Red, it took Red all of eighteen seconds to get it out of him.

And Liz herself is incapable.

LT: In the final scene, Samuel has folded like a cheap deck of cards and told the cops he can lead them to harbormaster Eugene’s body. And that’s just what he does, as he reaffirms with Wilcox that he won’t get jail time if he testifies.

 47 folded

V: Wilcox is officially the only one on the show who knows how to do his own job.

LT: As for next week, it looks like Ressler is hostage meat, again! Will this latest trauma send him back to pill popping, a storyline that was unceremoniously dropped?

V: Who knows with this show? But I think Ressler should get some kind of kidnap punch card, where the twelfth one is free.

LT: Agent Ressler, pride of the FBI and president of the Frequently Kidnapped Club.

So that’s it. Sorry your recappers fell a little behind. Real life got in the way, and we’re scrambling to catch up. Perhaps by that time Liz will have figured out that she can’t fool Red because he’s always ten steps ahead of her, and that he always has an agenda, so she should stop being surprised.

See you soon!

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