Reconvo: Rizzoli & Isles S5 Ep.14 Foot Loose


L.T. Milroy and Veruca Salt

 Okay, so that’s kind of a clever title for an episode that begins with the discovery of a dismembered foot.

Less clever is Ma Rizzoli, who’s a busybody and rather annoying this week. Would a bunch of random strangers really be so receptive to Ma butting in on their private business, as they are in this ep? Boston people are really friendly, apparently.

On to the episode!

A man and woman are walking on the beach. He’s trying to get her to go in the water, and she responds with a smile and flip of the bird. I’m surprised that was shown. Isn’t the finger usually fuzzed out?

V: First of all, he says, there’s nobody here it’s just you and me, after we just saw a guy using a noisy buzz saw not more than ten feet away from them. Even if they couldn’t see him, which…okay. They could hear that buzz saw, right?

 01 saw

Second, that guy was super-pretty and had a rocking bod. Model, right?

02 pretty

LT: He goes in by himself and is still hassling her, when he sees a sneaker in the water and throws it in her general direction. That makes her shriek like a banshee, because the sneaker ain’t empty. There’s still a foot nestled inside.

 03 footloose

V: So, that we didn’t see buzz-saw guy, plus severed foot, equals first suspect.

LT: Jane, Maura, and Ma Rizzoli are with Korsak at the Dirty Robber, which he owns now. He wants his theme for the place to be ‘booze’. Jane suggests a jukebox, and Korsak says there’s already one in the back, but it’s broken. He also mentions it’s full of Tiffany songs. Jane probably broke it herself one night after too many burgers and beers.

 04 dirty robber

V: What’s it got, like, three songs? You can’t fill a jukebox with Tiffany songs unless you do a bunch of repeats. Impossible.

LT: Only possible if it contains full Tiffany albums. Who would stock a jukebox with that?

V: Especially since the hits came from her first album.

LT: And the gang has been hanging out there since the first season. The jukebox must have been broken all that time, because if it had been functioning and playing only Tiffany, Jane would have smashed it up a long time ago.

V: Jane suggests different themes, like one week eighties hair bands and the next southern rock. Clearly, she’s not interested in Korsak having a consistent clientele, since the southern fried guys would probably break the jukebox again the minute “Cherry Pie” came blaring out of it. (R.I.P. Jani Lane)

LT: Maura wants an all-Josh Groban jukebox, but Korsak says he’s working on getting live music for the place. I’ve heard the name Josh Groban but am unfamiliar, so looked him up to see what he’s done. Found out he was born in 1981. I have cassettes older than he is.

V: Ah, you don’t have a mom who’s into that stuff. “You Lift Me Up”…for a while you couldn’t get away from that song.

LT: Somehow, I managed.

V: Also, he’s hosting Rising Star now, plus dating a hot actress, Kat Dennings, so he did a good job capitalizing on his fifteen minutes.

But I refuse to believe Maura is a Josh fan. And a whole jukebox of just him? Right. Considering Korsak has played in a band, and it’s probably a part of the reason he got the bar, live music seems logical to me. Why nobody else brought it up seems weird, as that would have been my first suggestion.

My favorite part is when Korsak answers the phone, “Detective Korsa—Dirty Robber.” Heh.

LT: Ma Riz is rather sullen, and it’s because the job hunt isn’t going well.

05 sullen

She says employers all want to hire young things, and Maura says that’s not statistically true. I think that Ma hasn’t had a job in years is a big complication too, but she seems to gloss over that.

V: What she also glosses over, as this writer seems to have as well, since he didn’t  watch last week’s episode, is where the interviewer guy said her age was not a factor. Her lack of a college degree was. And, she said she’s only been on one interview, because they looked at her resume and never even called her in.

So, how do they know how old she is? Wouldn’t she put two and two together and maybe think she needs to take some classes? But why apply logic?

LT: Apparently she thinks it’s all about age, not lack of experience or education. Jane, Maura, and Korsak’s phones all ring. Time to go foot wranglin’. As they prepare to leave, a young thing walks in, there to see about the job. She’s twenty-two, which certainly doesn’t put Ma in a better mood.

06 22

V: Yes, that dialogue was sooooo realistic:

Ma: “You have any experience?”

Girl: “Not really. I’m just twenty-two.”

Nobody would say that. It’s just a stupid set-up. Maybe she’d say she’s fresh out of college, which would put the age right and make more sense.

LT: At the beach, the detectives look at the sneaker while Maura gets all technical about body parts in sea water.

07 maura explains

V: She actually talks in depth about what happens when a man stands to pee off a boat. I could have lived my whole life without this knowledge.

Jane hates the ocean. No surprise there. For one, drunk guys peeing into the ocean.

Also, Korsak has seen everything at least once.

He’s going to check surveillance cameras on bridges. Maybe he’ll see Jane jumping.

LT: A reporter is there, and Jane wonders how the press could know about this already.

V: Korsak rightfully says they got the same call the police did. These people listen to the scanners. As a veteran of the police force, I’m surprised Jane doesn’t know that.

Also, they spent minutes talking about nonsense, and none of them mentioned a serial killer dumping body parts into the ocean. Neither Korsak nor Jane seems surprised when the reporter brings it up, so they must know about it. Strange.

And if the reporter was just assuming it was a serial killer, and they didn’t set her straight, that’s even weirder.

LT: Back at the lab, Maura tells Korsak that the foot had been in the water less than twenty-four hours. Also, it was sawed off.

V: I’m totally shocked after they made a point of showing me buzz-saw man at the beginning. The person was also wearing a special runner’s shoe with a zero drop that makes it harder on the runner. There’s a definite wear pattern on the outside of the shoe, and Maura suggests Korsak share the shoe info with other precincts, so they can compare. No people or feet have been reported missing.

 08 worn shoe

LT: Jane walks into the squad room, where Frankie and Nina have a bunch of body parts on the screens that have washed up on beaches in New England in the past ten years. Nina says since 2007, eleven feet have washed up on British Columbia beaches.

 09 body parts

Jane expresses a dislike for the ocean, which is probably why she chose to jump into the river instead. Nina says lakes are a lot more disgusting, since due to the lack of tides, all kinds of nasty stuff settles on the bottom.

V: Personally, I don’t wander into any water where I can’t see the floor. It’s my own, personal rule. And lakes are nasty. All of the animals that poop in there? Plus no current to wash it away? Yech!

LT: Korsak walks in and says another body part, a torso, has washed up.

We’re back on the same beach, now with the torso, which we get a nice shot of. Lovely.

10 torso

Maura says it also was roughly cut, like the foot. Korsak says it’s definitely a murder. The same reporter is there, asking if it’s a serial killer. Jane tells Korsak the police department has a leak.

V: Seriously, reporters can find out about this stuff through a bunch of methods. Also, the reporter doesn’t even try to get an answer. This is the second time she’s asked a question, they’ve walked right by her, and not answered. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t ask a question of anyone else.

Worst reporter ever.

And while I appreciate there was no cliché “Turn on the TV right now” to see a news story about the severed-foot serial killer, it at least would have turned up the heat. As it is, there’s no mention of it, and no press conferences about how there’s no serial killer.

LT: Ma is still at the Dirty Robber, hanging pictures.

V: And she can’t even do that right. She took out her aggressions on the nail and managed to put a big hole in the wall because of it.

 11 hole in the wall

LT: A woman named Margo shows up with a beer delivery. She has guy troubles and is on the phone with someone named Louis.

12 margo on the phone

She blows him off and hangs up, but her phone rings again, and she doesn’t answer it.

V: But Margo’s not really having guy troubles, she’s having self-esteem troubles. She says Louis is fantastic, and she loves him (even though she just told him she didn’t), and Ma just butts in with how Margo is worried to move in with him, because he’ll see all of her flaws.  Margo says Louis is perfect. Ma insists that since he’s a man, he’s not. Then Margo’s phone rings again, and Ma puts her hand over it, in an effort to not let Margo answer her own phone.

 13 can't answer her phone

LT: That’s just Ma being her obnoxious, buttinsky self this week, and everyone loves it. Very realistic. Ma tells Louis to back off, Margo will call him when she’s damn good and ready. Margo likes that. I like Margo, she’s cute and spunky. Can she be a regular instead of Ma? I say that because I like her a lot better, not because she’s younger. Although I’m not sure Ma would see it that way.

V: So, right after Margo gets finished saying that Louis is perfect, she says he never listens, which contradicts what she just said. He also doesn’t do laundry. And she loves how Ma totally butted in to her business. What is going on here?

LT: Jane and Korsak are walking through the PD garage, when they come across a VW Thing and go on about it a bit. It’s just the first piece of product placement in this ep, so get used to it.

 14 thing

V: Actually, Margo was delivering boxes of Blue Moon beer, which was featured prominently throughout the scene. Product placement number two, and counting…

LT: It’s also parked in Korsak’s spot. Jane looks inside and finds it belongs to Chip, a forensic artist.

Maura is photographing the torso. Jane wonders if the two body parts were dumped at the same time or separately. Then we get a close-up as Maura takes a scalpel to the torso. Thanks, show.

15 cut into torso

V: As Maura does this, Jane speculates on how cutting people up is at once passionate and ruthless. Maura takes offense, until Jane makes it clear she’s talking about the murderer. Also, I think Maura is recording this, so…

LT: Maura gets a whiff of almond and tells Jane to get out immediately. It’s cyanide.

V: I had to roll my eyes hard that Jane doesn’t get distressed when Maura says to get out immediately and heads for the alarm, because she thinks Maura believes she farted.

16 wasn't me

Seriously, who wrote this episode?

LT: Apparently we’re using bathroom humor as exposition now.

The lab is being scrubbed down by guys in hazmat suits as Jane and Maura watch.

17 hazmat

V: Jane gets a tickle in her throat, and even though she was just in a room with cyanide, she refuses to let Maura examine her, because the stupid light hurts her eyes. Maura hands her a bottle of water and insists she hydrate. They’re wearing matching blue scrubs.

LT: Cute designer scrubs. Gotta love it.

Maura goes over to the computer and says Suzy has determined the same type of blade cut both body parts and that cyanide was the cause of death. Jane says she’ll have Nina check for large purchases of cyanide, and Maura adds that in a few hours, the tide comes in.

Ma Riz is at a table at the Dirty Robber, trying to get the attention of a waitress and being unsuccessful. I hope Korsak gets new staff, because the way those waitresses breeze right past Ma and ignore her is unacceptable. I know it’s another example of Ma being blown off by waifs less than half her age, but it’s just unprofessional.

She gives up and goes behind the bar to help herself to a drink. A guy is at the bar on his phone, talking about how he plans to propose to his girlfriend.

18 guy on phone

Ma, of course, butts in and tells him his plan is crap. He’s really receptive to her opinions instead of telling her to buzz off and mind her own beeswax. I think this qualifies as really clunky exposition.

V: I stumbled over it, so yeah. That’s pretty accurate. She interrupts his phone call, orders him to get off the phone, then tells him he’s going to blow the engagement, nobody is ever going to love him, and he’ll die alone.

First of all, any woman who throws away a lifetime of happiness with a great guy because he blows the proposal is not worth it. And the dude should point that out.

LT: Ma wrong when rudely butting into the lives of complete strangers? Not in this episode.

V: But dude does use the term “with all my bros” which IS a deal-breaker, because he’s not mature enough to get married.

Also, Angela stops him from going back to work, thus making him possibly lose his job, so he won’t be able to contribute to his new family. WTG, Angela.

LT: Back at the lab, after having fun cutting into the torso, Maura has found a titanium rod used for spine support.

19 titanium rod

She’s also found that there was cyanide in the torso but not the foot, and that the foot is O positive blood type, while the torso is A. They’ve got two victims.

Through the serial number on the titanium rod, Jane has found the torso belongs to a Richard O’Connell. He had degenerative spine disease and had the rod implanted six years ago, when he was nineteen. His parents are on their way in. Frankie tells Jane that Nina found the department’s leak. Jane says she’ll take care of that, and Korsak will talk to Richard’s parents.

V: If it means I don’t have to watch the parents being notified, I’m all for it.

LT: Jane goes to see forensic artist Chip. VW Thing guy is the leak.

 20 chip

V: Didn’t see that coming. Only not really.

LT: He denies it, but Jane shows him copies of his emails that prove his guilt. Did this idiot really expect to get away with sending incriminating emails at work, especially when he works in a police station? He’s not exactly a Mensa member.

Chip says he only tipped off his cousin, who has a crime blog. He thinks he was just helping out his cuz and doesn’t see it as a leak. Chip is pretty dim and looks way too young for his position. Is this another example of Ma’s belief about how youthful morons get jobs just because they’re young? Jane tells him he is so screwed.

V: Wow. Chip is a douchebag. A dim-witted frat-boy douchebag.

LT: Korsak talks with Richard’s parents.

21 parent

V: Ugh. I guess we’re not avoiding this.

LT: He was a standout swimmer in high school but had a bad back. He had spondylolisthesis. The spine disease is rare and has no cure. He had an operation and was supposed to have another, but instead he found a healer. He stopped taking his medication, and his condition worsened, but his parents said he didn’t like them questioning him about it. A month ago, he stopped returning their calls. He had been going to a Dr. Mark Murray.

Jane and Korsak go to visit Dr. Murray’s office. Jane says Murray was a quack who gave his patients false hope.

V: She thinks it’s counterintuitive that as Richard’s condition got worse, his faith in Dr. Murray only got stronger. Korsak points out that Richard’s disease was incurable, and he was looking for someone to give him hope. He was desperate.

Frankie arrives to tell them Murray had had his license suspended by the AMA.

LT: The clinic is pretty dumpy and has been abandoned. Jane says it looks like whoever was there left in a hurry, and that they should check with the phone company to see when the last call was placed from that location.

Korsak calls them into the next room. There’s a weird setup with a chair and speakers.

22 room of sound

On the floor is something that looks like a drill. It has blood on it, and there are bloody footprints.

 23 drill

Jane wonders when Richard lost faith in his treatment as she walks around the room.

V: Korsak says it’s when he realized his doc was a psychopath, and Jane says, “IF he realized.” So, wait. Jane either believes Richard lost faith in the doc or he didn’t, but it seems she’s saying both. I’m confused.

LT: Frankie has spoken to some of the building’s other tenants (classy stuff like an earwax removal place and someone who melts gold), and they said Murray kept odd hours and always used the back entrance. Korsak is sitting at a sound board, and he punches up some weird sounds, then Murray says to prepare to experience the healing properties of sound.

V: Followed by an ear-piercing noise that sends everyone running for cover.

LT: They find CDs for different ailments. The crew also finds an appointment book. It turns out a Russ Pfeiffer was supposed to come in that day.

At the station, Jane and Frankie talk to Russ.

24 russ

He has rheumatoid arthritis and is in pretty bad shape. He can’t tell them much about Murray, as this was supposed to be his first appointment. He’d gone to traditional doctors, but they just kept giving him pills.

V: The anti-inflammatory pills gave him liver damage, which the doc should have foreseen before the damage occurred, so crappy doctor. Then Russ thought he’d become addicted to the pain pills.

One day he saw a guy putting up flyers on a bus bench about Murray’s miraculous healing through sound waves therapy. Frankie kind of smirks and shakes his head.

Russ puts the smackdown on him about how he wasn’t looking for a miracle. Frankie apologizes, and Russ admits he was skeptical at first.

LT: Russ asked a lot of questions of the guy, who was the doctor’s assistant. He told Russ amazing stories about how people were healed. These stories included his own. He used to take twice as many pills as Russ did, and if Russ saw Dr. Murray, he would never need pills again.

Russ never got the assistant’s name. They thank him for coming in, and he slowly, carefully, gets up to leave. Anyone who would give a person in so much pain false hope deserves to be horsewhipped.

V: I agree, but anyone who believes a guy who puts up flyers on a bus bench can help cure his disease with sound waves, well…ya know…

LT: I would say it was to emphasize Russ’s desperation factor, but I doubt the writers thought it through that far. Korsak is back at the Dirty Robber, rolling out the jukebox.

V: Man, was I praying he’d turn it on, and it would play, I Think We’re Alone Now.

LT: The guy Ma gave advice to earlier walks in, asking for her. He has a friend with him who’s about to be engaged and apparently also requires the sage advice of Ma Riz.

 25 clueless

V: Korsak is confused as to which waitress they’re referring, until they get to the part where she was gravelly voiced, pushy, and inappropriate. Bingo.

LT: Korsak says she’s not there, but he’s available to give romantic advice, and he should know about women, since he’s been married three times! They decline.

V: On their way out: “He should talk to Angela.” “Definitely.” Are you SERIOUS?

LT: Maura has determined that blood from both the foot and torso was found at the crime scene. The bodies were cut up there. I’m just glad we didn’t have to watch.

V: Amen to that.

LT: Frankie picks up Jane and tells her Nina found a bogus license issued to Dr. Murray. The assistant’s name is Bob Burke, and Frankie says an emergency call about Bob was just received. Paramedics are on the way, and Jane and Frankie go to the scene. Frankie talks to a witness, a neighbor who saw Bob stumble out of his house and collapse. She called 911 after he fell and vomited.

He’s lying on the sidewalk.

26 bob

Jane asks him about Murray, and Bob says he idolized the doc who saved his life. As he talks about how Murray had come to think of himself as god-like, Jane smells almonds. It looks like another cyanide case, and she tells everyone to get back.

Ma walks into the Dirty Robber and says hello to Jane and Frankie, who are in scrubs. Their clothes are being disinfected after presumed exposure to cyanide.

 27 scrubs

V: With how often Jane and Maura get contaminated and have to don scrubs, they really should just wear them all the time and switch them out.

LT: A young woman walks by and smiles at Frankie. Jane tells her he’s actually a nurse. Maura arrives and tells Jane their clothes are in her car, but since Frankie is now chatting with the young thing and likely filling her in on what a successful doctor he is, Jane doubts he wants those cop clothes back just yet.

28 frankie

V: Maura tells Jane to flush out her system, and Jane suggests alcohol. I hope she’s done for the day, but I doubt it, since she jokes that she’s a doctor who has surgery in an hour. Sooo… drinking in the middle of the day while on the job? Okie dokie!

LT: Yeah Jane, flush your system with brewski after quittin’ time.

Jane visits Bob in the hospital.

29 bob

He fills her in on Murray, who he says put Bob’s cancer into remission using sound waves. After that, Bob quit his job as an accountant to go work for him. Murray put patients into acoustical environments he designed, while Bob adjusted the sound levels. Bob says he saw miracles. Arthritis gone. Scoliosis cured. Tumors disappeared.

V: Bob, being the good little accountant, knew spreadsheets. He cataloged the treatment protocol.

LT: Murray was obsessed with proving the medical community wrong about his methods. But suddenly after all the “miracles,” two patients didn’t respond to treatment. Bob says Murray went crazy and killed them.

V: Well, you know, ya screw with the data, you pay the consequences. Those jokers should have known to say they were cured.

LT: When Bob refused to help cover it up, Murray came to his house and poured cyanide down his throat.

V: Hey, with Bob being an accountant, he should have known to keep the data pure.

LT: Then Bob panics; since he’s the only one who knows about the whole thing, Murray is sure to come back to finish him off.

30 bob panics

V: His machinery goes haywire, so the nurse comes in and asks Jane to leave as she promises Bob he’s safe there in the hospital. I instantly worry for Bob. Unless my other suspicion is correct, then I’m not. Let’s see what happens.

As the nurse prepares a shot for Bob, he echoes my sentiment when he says, “NO SHOTS! I WILL NOT HAVE ANY SHOTS!” I’m with ya, brother. Also, you sound a bit nuts, and it’s fitting into my theory.

LT: As Jane leaves, Frankie calls and tells her they found Murray’s home address. Jane says she’ll meet him there after putting a guard on the hospital room.

Maura stops by the hospital to talk to Bob’s doctor and ask for a tox screen. He says that Bob vomited a lot of poison and should be okay. Then he adds they didn’t do a tox screen, because Bob is against Western medicine, including tests and needles. Consent must be given by the patient, and since Bob was conscious when brought in and wouldn’t give consent, there’s nothing they can do. Bob is now demanding to be released against the doctor’s advice.

Maura calls Suzy and tells her to grab a collection kit.

31 call susie

Isn’t it weird that there are several mentions of Suzy this week, but we never see her? What kind of contract does she have?

V: I’m sensing Maura is going to get hold of the vomit? Ummm…also Bob keeps playing into my theory.

LT: Jane and Korsak are at Murray’s very nice apartment. Jane sees a photo of a boat and says it would come in handy for dumping bodies.

32 boat

Korsak finds a sneaker, just like the one that contained the foot. It’s a specialty running shoe by Altra. The wear pattern on the outside edges seems to match the one with the foot, and Jane calls and asks Maura to send a photo of it. It is a match.

Maura tells Jane about Bob refusing tests, so Suzy got a sample of Bob’s vomit off the welcome mat and found no traces of cyanide. It was laced with almond extract. So Bob faked being poisoned. Jane says it must be Murray on the bottom of the harbor, and they can’t let Bob leave the hospital.

V: Yeah. The minute Jane got Bob a bodyguard and didn’t just leave him alone and vulnerable, coupled with his unhinged behavior and questionable story about Dr. Murray pouring cyanide down Bob’s throat then just leaving, led me to believe Bob had either gone crazy or was Dr. Murray pretending to be his own assistant.

Also, can you imagine if your job included collecting vomit?

LT: I guess she gets the grunt work. That Suze is one lucky gal.

Korsak mentions that Harrington is guarding Bob’s room, calls him, and gets no answer. Jane calls Frankie and tells him to get everyone to the hospital.

Altra running shoes are a real thing, incidentally. Is showing one with a dismembered foot in it supposed to make me want to go buy a pair? ‘Cause it surely doesn’t. Questionable product placement.

V: Yeah, did they tell the company the part about a severed foot inside the shoe?

LT: And it’s PP number three for this ep, incidentally. Unless that was designer vomit.

Frankie goes to Bob’s room and finds Harrington tied up in the bed in his undies.

33 undies

No, it’s not something kinky, Bob took his uniform. Frankie calls Jane, tells her Bob’s got Harrison’s uniform, and she instructs Frankie to put the hospital on lockdown.

V: Why didn’t they call the security that was already at the hospital? It could have put the hospital on lockdown a lot sooner, right? Frankie was the only one who could enter? And he was “everybody?”

Harrington is SO fired. An unarmed man in a hospital gown managed to take his gun and uniform.

LT: Bob strolls through the lobby.

34 bob in uniform

The he tells the security guard stationed by the door that Det. Rizzoli told him to sweep the parking lot. The guard lets him out. So the guy guarding the front door wasn’t given a photo of Bob? Good job, BPD.

V: Also, A. Bob nearly walked right by Frankie, so good observational skills to him and all of the guys surrounding him, and, B. Frankie just told the guy guarding the door that nobody was supposed to leave without his authorization. He didn’t say “anybody who says they have my authorization.” This is a crack team we have here.

Frankie to Jane when she calls: “He’s not going anywhere.”

LT: Except strolling out the front door and meeting no resistance.

Jane and Korsak pull up to the hospital, just as Bob walks out. He has Harrington’s keys and is walking to his squad car.

35 key

Korsak tells him to freeze as Jane swoops around behind the car. Bob holds up a vial and says he’ll break it, but Korsak says it’s just almond extract.

 36 almond extract

Bob threatens Korsak to call his bluff and says he’s getting in the car. Then he throws down the vial. By that time, Jane is in the back seat. Bob sees her in the rearview mirror. She tells him it had better be extract.

 37 better be almond extract

V: Crazy Bob chuckles and says he wouldn’t carry cyanide in his pocket. Oh, you little scamp.

LT: At least he’s a responsible psycho. Jane orders him to put his hands on the wheel. Bob’s a weenie.

The gang ends up back at the Dirty Robber that night.

38 the gang

Jane says Bob became obsessed with “Dr.” Murray. Maura says the patients that were supposedly cured only saw temporary improvement. It was the placebo effect. They felt better, because they believed they were supposed to. After looking at a year’s worth of data, Murray knew he had failed. But Bob wouldn’t let him close up shop. Things got complicated when Richard filed a complaint, and the Attorney General opened an investigation.

V: Bob had control of the data, right? Why didn’t he lie and say he checked up on the patients, who were all fine and dandy?

LT: As they talk, the young thing returns, asking Korsak about the bartender job. He tells her the position has been filled. By guess who?? Gee, I just can’t figure. It’s such a braintwister. Oh, it’s Ma!! Knock me over with a Mack truck.

V: Ummm…wait. This woman, with no bartending experience AT ALL, thought that just because she was twenty-two, she could get a bartending job? That takes some serious skill. And has Ma taken bartending classes I don’t know about? I mean, unless they’re only serving beer and wine, this could be a problem, right?

LT: Apparently this show thinks bartender is unskilled labor.

V: And ew. Maura tells Frankie the new bartender could be the new Mrs. Rizzoli right before Korsak tells him it’s his mother.

LT: The thought of Ma serving up hooch at their favorite haunt has Jane and Frankie a bit traumatized. Frankie says he needs a priest and a shrink. Ma goes behind the bar to get everyone a beer, but when Korsak says drinks are on him, they all start yelling out orders for more expensive stuff. Get used to it, Vince.

39 expensive drinks

V: Yes, what Korsak needs is a busybody thinking she’s everyone’s mother trying to control their lives. Let’s see what happens when she gets some hostile, drunk guy and tries to stop him from picking up his own phone.

LT: Chip the forensic artist walks in. He comes over to the table and says Jane got him fired, but she says he got himself fired. It looks like things might get nasty, when instead, Chip hugs her.

 40 chip hug

V: Oy. There’s only one person Jane allows to hug her, and that’s Maura. Not even Ma gets to hug her every time she wants to.

LT: He thanks her, because he’s been wanting to quit for a long time but couldn’t get up the nerve. It seems he hated the job, because he’s actually an artist.

V: He also says, “Who wants to be around death all of the time?” and prompts a round of everyone, particularly Maura, to come up with ways it isn’t that bad.

He talks about how Jane was mean to him, and when she protests, a table full of family and friends starts to agree with Chip, when she threatens them all with tongue loss.

A lot of dismemberment going on in this episode.

LT: She made him realize there was something missing from the comic book he wrote, called Bostonia. A vigilante fighting for truth and justice with no regard for the rules. It’s going to be published. He gifts Jane with an advance copy. There’s a drawing of Jane on the cover, all superhero-style, with bangin’ cleavage and everything. It looks hot, but then, so does Jane, so it’s accurate.

 41 bostonia

V: Poor Frankie. First he said he’d marry his mother. Then he has to look at his sister all sexed up on the cover of a comic book. Korsak thinks they should keep it out of the prisons.

LT: The jukebox starts playing, and even though Korsak got it working again, he hasn’t gotten around to restocking it, because Tiffany is playing. Maura likes it. We must have a talk about your musical tastes, Maura.

V: Maura is clearly tone deaf. Remember when she tried to sing Roar? And now when she tries to dance in tune, it’s cringe-worthy. Again with the snapping fingers.

 42 snap

Also, HA! I got my wish. It’s playing, “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

LT: Then Maura takes a look at the comic and says Jane is about to have a lot of fans.

V: Also, blue spandex. Also, the higher the hair the closer to God is relevant here.

So, that’s it! In R&I world, reporters aren’t pushy, severed feet are a way to push fancy tennies, and a guy can develop a main character for a comic book, sell it, and get a mockup all within a week. And Ma is charming and filled with sound advice.

Things are freaky in R&I world.

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