Reconvo: The Mysteries of Laura S2 Ep. 1 The Mystery of the Taken Boy


Veruca Salt and L.T. Milroy

We’re back with Mysteries of Laura reconvos! Let’s catch up on where we left off last season, before we begin the new one. Here are the important facts:

  • Jake got competent at his job. He stopped c-blocking Laura, and your recappers were encouraged when we found out Fire Hottie was officially his girlfriend.  The relationship was so serious, he introduced her to the boys, and she gave them N.Y.F. D. shirts.
  • Then Jake got shot. His serious girlfriend is nowhere to be found, and suddenly the only person visiting him in the hospital was Laura. Does Jake have living parents? If so, they might be bummed they never found out how close to death Jake got.
  • Jake tried emotionally blackmailing Laura. First he tried to get her to forgive him, and then when he almost died a second time, he begged her for another chance and gave her puppy-dog eyes until she admitted she might still love him a little bit. Let’s hope he’d already broken up with Fire Hottie by the time he asked her, because that would take Jake to all-new douche levels. You almost felt sorry for him for a minute there.
  • But! Jake has neurological damage, so after Laura has a “talk” with Tony off-camera that seemed to involve them taking a bit of a break, Laura walks back into Jake’s room to find out he’s forgotten their entire conversation.
  • After Det. BitchFace gave hint after hint after hint to an oblivious Billy, she finally just grabbed him and kissed him in front of her co-workers. Maybe they needed to take away Billys badge, because seriously. Even after BF kissed him, he asked Frankie and Max if she liked him. Billy, don’t dumb up on us here.
  • Laura had a ridiculous pregnancy scare that scared the crap out of your recappers.
  • Laura’s dad FINALLY apologized for all of the grief he gave her about Jake.

Now, on with the reconvo!

VS: Oh! They’ve changed the opening credits to include the entire cast.

LT: I can’t warm up to the new captain and don’t suspect I will. The writer of this episode really took special pains to not only make her sour and unlikeable but also seemingly less than competent at her job, which is not attractive. She appears to be the type who likes making some sort of point by pushing her weight around rather than being a good boss and cop. She also disrespectfully took down and threw aside Jake’s Elvis Costello “Trust” poster, which I find an unforgivable transgression. And also referred to Max as a “little ginger weirdo”. So far I can’t even enjoy hate-watching her character. But it’s early, so I sure hope that changes.

new captain

VS: I don’t understand why these shows have to make the new woman captain come in and start busting everyone’s butts. It’s so cliché, and all that happens is they ruin the great pattern of the show. It’s like, “Oh, we were renewed early, and people seem to like the show and the cast. Let’s bring in a completely unlikable character and put her in charge! Make everyone whisper.” From the moment I saw her, I wanted her gone.

LT: Elsewhere in the squad room, which is more like a morgue these days because Queenie likes it quiet, we’re coming up short one Detective Frankie. She’s MIA this season, apparently transferred with no explanation except that she wasn’t experienced enough to accept the position. So what was the point of bringing her in with all the fanfare last year if she was just going to be shown the door in the off season? Bye, Frankie. We hardly knew ye.

VS: I grew to really love Frankie, especially when they teamed her with Det. BF. They made a good partnership. I tried to look online and even on her Facebook, but nope! A guest-starring role on NCIS: New Orleans is the only info I can find. So they got rid of a character I liked and replaced her with one I can’t stand. Good job, show!

LT: Yeah, that’s a lousy trade, a character they’d successfully made me like for a total beeotch. Real good job. Everyone else is back, and it’s good to see them again. I expect Max will be getting more responsibility this season and maybe get out of the office more.

VS: Yeah, while the Queen of Darkness needs to get off my screen, I do like that she takes Max more seriously than Jake did and sent him to forensic accounting classes. This will round out his role.

Also, Laura calling him Maxi Pad may have been the highlight of the episode.

LT: Billy and Meredith are both still in great shape and look good together. Would a detective wear a skin-tight tank top on the job, as Meredith does in one scene? She fills it out nicely, but I’m not sure that would be NYPD approved. I guess anyone lookin’ that fine gets a pass.

billy and bf-taken

VS: Yeah. This is New York we’re talking about. Way too L.A. But I was distracted by the little cab driver guy calling Billy stupid. Must have a death wish or something.

LT: Captain Queenie was only supposed to be around until Jake recovered, but she decided she wants to stay and apparently, she can do that. Jake wasn’t guaranteed his old job when coming back, just a captaincy somewhere. He hates the thought of leaving his buddies and ex so much, he accepts a demotion to senior detective to stay. So Jake is now basically a co-worker, which should change the dynamic in the squad room a bit.

I think it’s clear the main reason Jake wanted to stay was because he couldn’t bear leaving Laura. He actually came off pretty well this week, handling the case professionally, moreso than his new boss. And he had the opportunity to maybe get his old job back by using some dirt one of her ex employees gave him on Queenie, but he took the high road and kept his mouth shut. So Jake comported himself well this week. I assume he’ll do something totally selfish and childish before too long, but for now he looks decent.

VS: Once again, they make me feel bad for Jake. I mean, the man was shot being a hero. If he managed to leak to the press that he lost his job to QOD, he’d have his job back in no time. And even so, QOD is disgraced in the department. She didn’t get a promotion due to her bad behavior, while Jake is a hero. I doubt Jake would have to tell anyone in order to use it for leverage, since it must be common knowledge. It seems unrealistic she would be able to wield more power than Jake.

The only reason they brought in this horrible woman is so they could have more Jake/Laura scenes and them working cases together.  I think by the end of last season, Jake was less contentious with Laura, and the show wanted to continue the dynamic this season by making the two of them more equals. I like that they both respect each other when it comes right down to it. Jake can both hold his own against Laura while also letting her do her thing. He also tries to keep her from saying the wrong thing to QOD, with limited success.


LT: I still don’t want Jake and Laura back together, and it definitely seems like they’re setting that up. Nary a mention of Food Truck Tony this week, unfortunately. And the episode ended with Laura gazing at Jake from across the room as “Watching the Detectives” played. Ick.

VS:  Ick is right. Max doesn’t look happy, either.  I’m so disappointed and afraid that Food Truck Tony is going bye bye for the reconciliation arc.

LT: The case of the week wasn’t bad. It involved a kidnapped kid who was diabetic and needed his insulin. It also showed a soft side of Laura. It was discovered during the investigation the kid was illegally adopted. As the detectives dug deeper, they found out both of his natural parents were dead and even though his folks bought him through a broker, Laura was adamant there would be no point in breaking up the family. Besides, Billy and Bitchface posed as a couple wanting to adopt and brought down the baby brokers, so there was a happy ending.  I wonder, can we still call her Bitchface? The new captain is more of a BF than Meredith at this point, but old nicknames die hard.

VS: Yeah. The moniker can stand until we see for sure BF is gone. I have to say, t couldn’t believe nobody called the mom to warn her about the possible kidnapping. I know you’re driving fast, but c’mon! And I love how QOD totally blew the money drop and still managed to act superior.

LT: That was quite ballsy, in a negative way. The bad guys are escaping with the kid, everyone’s freaking out. and Queenie’s very calmly got her nose in the air. Ugh.

captain superior taken

VS: But Laura managed to get in a dig about a stick inserted into a certain part of her anatomy.

laura telling captain to stick it-taken

They’d better humble her up quickly. I know Laura was encouraging Jake to spill the beans about her, but someone needs to take her down about five pegs. She’s pissing me off big-time.

LT: Doesn’t Capt. Queenie know that Laura always makes the right decisions on the job? Doesn’t she watch this show?

VS:  HA! I know, right? They probably need to make Laura flub up a bit, because sometimes the sanctimoniousness of always being right gets a little grating. Also, I did notice QOD didn’t write up Laura or threaten to fire her for her insubordination, which means she’s all bark and no bite. She also gave a nod to Laura at the end. Should be an interesting dynamic.

But they need to add dimension to this character, because that was a total douche move taking over Jake’s precinct and around these parts, Jake is the only one who gets to be a douche.

LT: Remember, we’re getting to this episode way late. Queenie has been in several more episodes now and is probably a total sweetheart by this point. She respects all of the detectives and appreciates the good job they do. She’s not an obnoxious nimrod whose smug smile I want to smack off her face into the next county. That’s my hope, anyway.

VS: I’m not holding my breath. We’ll see. Until then, I stand with Laura and Maxi Pad.

max and laura not happy-taken

Here’s hoping QOD lightens up, and Laura realizes Food Truck Tony is a perfect specimen of a man, and she shouldn’t waste any more of her time on the cheater.

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