Reconvo: The Mysteries of Laura S2 Ep. 2 The Mystery of the Cure to Loneliness



L.T. Milroy and Veruca Salt

Laura has another mystery to solve, so let’s get right to it.

LT: Ok, so this show gives me whiplash. In the season premier, it totally looked like they were setting up Laura and Jake getting back together. All kinds of hints were dropped, and Food Truck Tony wasn’t even mentioned. So how does week two start? With Laura in bed with FTT! Huh? Did I miss something? Apparently they’re still together. I’m glad that’s the case, because this guy is a prince. He’s willing to put up with Laura’s meddlesome, ever-present ex and two often obnoxious kids. He also cooks her what looks like obscenely yummy food, and he’s nuts about her. She’s out of her mind if she dumps him.

Laura and tony s2 ep2

VS: Agreed! HOLY CRAP, that was hot! And shirtless FTT! And YES! And Wooo Hooo! Then he doubles down on the awesomeness by pointing out she’s always doing stuff to make everyone else happy, like douchey Jake and her work and her obnoxious kids, and what about what makes her happy? Okay, I might have expanded on that a bit, but I can read between the lines. Laura, you made the right choice.

And HA! Jake notices a hickey on her neck! As does QOD.

LT: There’s quite a bit about the Laura/Jake relationship this week, as Laura also has a heart-to-heart talk with Det. Bitchface. I didn’t know they had that kind of friendship where they opened up to each other like that, but looks like that’s the case. The Jaura (Lake?) shippers will be disappointed to hear that Laura feels Jake has a long way to go before she’ll consider taking him back. She cites the cheating and also throws in how he pledged his love for her while doped up on morphine.

VS: BF does throw out there that Jake may remember but is putting on a façade due to Tony still being in the picture. That is a common trope in shows like this, where one person declares their love for another, only for something to happen in which they supposedly lose their memory and either they never did or had at some point and gotten it back but never told the other person. Doesn’t explain BF/Billy, though.

I  did think it was hilarious how when Laura talks of protecting her family and tells BF that when she has kids, she’ll understand, BF kind of snorts about having kids. She acts like it’s the most ridiculous thing she’s ever heard and insists she’s not even seeing someone. Laura totally side-eyes her and says, “Of course not.”

laura s2 ep2 side-eye

I guess BF forgot she kissed Billy in front of everyone and is hoping they will forget as well. I also thought the show had forgotten, since it hasn’t been brought up since.

LT: Laura seemed to be alluding to the kiss but didn’t bring it up. I wonder why not. It didn’t seem as though BF was shy about her feelings, given that she grabbed and snogged Billy in front of everyone. It will most likely be brought up again when it becomes a convenient plot device in a future episode. I hate lazy writing like that. The Kiss was a big deal. It should have been dealt with right away this season. But so far it’s like it never happened.

VS:  I agree. I’m surprised they’re choosing to handle it this way, since BF seemed ready to declare her feelings not just to Billy, but to everyone. If she wanted to keep it a secret, she should have done it privately. And not in front of the office gossip.

It also worries me that Laura says Jake has a long way to go before she’d consider taking him back, which means she is considering it. Not only that, but at the hospital she’d taken steps to cool off her relationship with Tony after she admitted still loving Jake, so the tune she’s singing now is a bit different. She’d seemed to be leaning seriously toward taking Jake back. It’s only when Jake forgot that she went back with FTT. Don’t string FTT along, Laura. The man stated he was in it for the long haul. If you’re only back with him because Jake forgot he pledged his love for you, it’s wrong.

LT: Unfortunately, Laura doesn’t always behave all that well in her private life. We’ve seen her be a bad mother on numerous occasions. It’s often played for laughs, but it’s still her lacking in the motherly skills deptartmment, IMO. As a cop, she’s practically flawless, but she can be a bit of a mess as a person. I hope FTT doesn’t become collateral damage.

VS: Gosh, that would do major damage to her character. At least she cooled it off with him after the Jake admission, but constantly pushing him away and pulling him back would not be cool.

LT: For his part, Jake seems to have made his peace with Tony, oddly enough. He tells Laura she deserves to be happy. He starts doing his old c-blocking thing at the end of the episode but then pulls back. It looks like he’s really trying to be decent about the whole FTT thing.

VS: I really hope this isn’t some ploy. He’s pulled some crap in the past like pretending to give back her key. If they’re trying to soften up Jake and make him less douchey, I’m all for it.

At the end there, he does seem truly resigned to her relaysh with FTT, even when Laura gives strong hints he told her something important. I’m confused. She seems to be trying to jog his memory while taking her relationship with Tony to the next level. So again I’m worried that she’s only with FTT purely because Jake doesn’t remember.

If she wants to get back with Jake at some point, she needs to be honest with both of them. She needs to tell Tony she still may reunite with Jake, and she needs to tell Jake what he said to her, but they need to do a lot of work first and go to counseling. It sounds like she’s stringing both of them along. I hope that’s not the case.

LT: It looks like they’re starting up a Jake-is-hooked-on-painkillers storyline. He’s seen at one point ducking off and furtively knocking back some pills.

laura s2 ep2 jake pain

VS: Ugh. Just when they were making Jake a person. This has been done so much. But yes, let’s go down this road and see how it turns out. Maybe once he’s doped up again, he’ll remember his pledge.

LT: Loved Max’s video presentation on what he’d dug up on the case. You just know it thrilled him to put that together.

laura s2 ep2 max vid presentation

VS: OMG. The bouncing ATM machine was pretty dang awesome.

LT: Captain Queenie, The Queen of Darkness, The High Priestess of Bitchiness and Unprofessionalism Santiani is possibly worse this week than she was in her debut. All she does is contradict everything the detectives say, especially Laura, of course. When they get a case that appears to be a suicide, she’s ready to write it off as such immediately, before any investigation. When Laura suggests it might be a murder, Queenie laughs her off. She’s so sure it’s a suicide, even though they haven’t done any digging yet. Great cop instincts you got there, babe. And she always has a look on her face like she’s smelling something bad.

laura santiani s2 ep 2

I can’t even guess what TPTB behind this show were thinking with her character.

VS: Well, to be fair, Jake finds some hemlock and is ready to call it a suicide in like two seconds, even though Laura makes some good points about there being no note and the pill bottle beside her is full and is filled with tummy meds due to the insane amount of junk food she consumed. Laura is right. Who cares about curing a tummy ache when you just drank a bottle of hemlock, and why set a nice table for two with candles? She and Jake have an argument about mountains and molehills and how Jake indulges her, and the QOD doesn’t like that.

Oh, Jake. All of that goodwill you accumulated from last week where you were competent and had Laura’s back, and now all of a sudden you’re so scared of the QOD, you’re going against your best detective who, as we all know, is always right? Especially when ALL of the other evidence does not point to a suicide? Don’t be a wimp, Jakey.

And it seems the QOD has a homicide dry-erase board. QOD is all about the stats, and who cares about catching murderers, when you need to have good solve numbers? Sheesh, Laura, where are your priorities?

lauras2 ep2 h0micide board

Jake does redeem himself when he partially backs up Laura, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Laura can learn something from how Jake tries to finesse QOD rather than steamroller her like Laura does. Yes, Laura, that approach worked on your ex who is still in love with you and trying to get you back, but when talking to QOD, you need to learn how to work it, and telling her something is a crap idea only makes her want to do it more. If you’re using reverse psychology, okay. Otherwise, no.

LT: The case of the week was about a woman named Nina, a cancer patient who committed suicide. Turns out, she was neither a patient nor a suicide. She faked being sick to get attention and make friends, and she didn’t kill herself. Laura was right about her being murdered, of course. A food delivery guy from an organization that helps cancer patients was the killer. He was a little too cooperative and solicitous with the cops right from the jump, so I suspected him immediately.

VS: Me, too! He also immediately threw someone else under the bus. And ewwww…Laura found the waxer Nina used to wax her head, and inside the box were wax strips with hair attached. Disgusting!

LT: This is one lonely woman who really wanted to find some friends. That whole tearing her own hair out thing takes some dedication to one’s cause. Between that and the not eating, wow, what a mess she was.

VS: And she was on a diet I’m sure would sent her to the hospital eventually. It consisted of diuretics, speed, and the Stairmaster. And right before she died, she was going to have a fake remission, so she could stop being bald but still keep those wonderful people as friends she totally lied to, including her best friend who is really sick. And in an amazing act of a naïve, blinding trust, Nina was solely in charge of the tens of thousands of dollars that poured in for their charity where the money would go to a children’s cancer ward.

But there’s one part I was puzzled by. Billy chases a junkie to the roof. He was the one withdrawing the funds from the account for the food guy. He fails to make it to a neighboring fire escape but manages to grab onto a satellite dish. Billy calls for an ambulance and an airbag. The guy has a good grip, but instead of waiting for the airbag, Billy tries to get the guy to reach for him, even though they’d already figured out that extending his hand did not reach Billy. So junkie winds up falling to his death.

But Billy’s “Don’t make me run” was a, well, funny running joke throughout the episode. Good thing he’s in such great shape.

LT: That was confusing, him making that call and then reaching for the guy anyway. I was like, huh? You call for help and then don’t wait for it to arrive? The writers aren’t painting a very flattering picture of Billy so far this season. His cop skills were lacking here, he hasn’t acknowledged BF making a blatant pass at him, and now they’re making him physically lazy, as well. Especially when, as pointed out, he’s in great shape and a foot chase after a perp shouldn’t be a problem. They’re turning Billy into a slacker and I don’t like it one bit.

VS: Yeah. I watch another cop show where they’re turning a formerly competent cop into a bumbler just for the sake of laughs. Agreed that after they’ve made such a big deal out about Billy’s stamina, he shouldn’t mind a little run.

At least Nina wasn’t the one who took the funds. There’s a special place in hell for a dude who takes money from children with cancer. Also, food delivery dude knew about Nina’s scam and helped her look even more sick, so she’d get more money that he could steal. But her remission blog would have ended the scam and all of that money, so he killed her. And she didn’t even get to eat her celebratory meal after starving herself all of that time.

I was glad when they captured the food guy. Though I was pissed that when the money goes flying all over the place, greedy people grab for it, including a guy in a $3,000 suit, until Laura shames him, and even then he’s reluctant.  Geez, dude.

LT: The quote of the episode comes from a cancer patient who was friends with the victim, talking about how close they were: “We watched Pitch Perfect 2, which was worse than cancer.”

So, that’s it. Do you think Jake has stopped his douchey ways? Do you think being on the drugs again will make him remember what he said to Laura?


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